Friday, July 18, 2008

Too many kids

Someone, an anonymous person of course (which is just annoying, why not take credit for your beliefs?) mentioned one way of reducing my carbon footprint would be to not have so many kids.

First off, I don't think 5 is "so" many. 18? Yeah, that's so many. Talk to the Duggars.

Secondly, I know there is alot of "talk" on the Internet about how environmentally irresponsible it is to procreate, and couldn't we all save the world if we would just stop birthing? Well, yeah, obviously children do increase your use of resources. Um, but, who will we be saving the earth for if not the next generation? Oh, that's right, the plants and animals that make up the natural world. The humans can just die out since we are such abusers anyway. Nice theory, except that I think it goes against the natural human inclination towards survival.

And thirdly, I think it is much more responsible to raise five environmentally conscious children who will continue to take care of the earth, than 1 or 2 environmentally oblivious, socially inept children who feed the consumer machine. Know what I mean?


Special K said...

You probably should check that ISP address. I have a very strong feeling "anonymous" may be our annoying little brother. Don't you remember when he did this on my blog? Got my panties all in a bunch before he announced it was just him being a smart ass. He still likes to screw with us even though he supposedly is all grown up.

I think you owe him a wedgie. LOL!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Are you kidding me! Someone has the guts to say you shouldn't have so many kids. What is wrong with that person! Each and every child is a gift from God. You are very blessed to have 5 children. Oh that makes me so mad!

Hey, I never had children, my sister never had children and my aunt never had children so thank you for having them for us!

God bless you and don't listen to those jerks.

Big hugs,