Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I hit post 250! Hard to believe, really.

My sister, Krista, is the one who got me started. I remember making fun of her for her blog "addiction". I used to laugh when she'd pull her camera out and say "I have to blog this". Like blog is a verb. Geesh.

And now, of course, I find myself doing the same thing. My husband always says "you're not going to put that on your blog, are you?" Yep, you bloggers know the addiction. Blogging is like dear diary, on crack.

No more leaving voice mail messages when no one is home. No more sending letters through the mail, then waiting a week for a reply. We can instantly share our joys and sorrows with family and friends, whether they be IRL friends or folks we've "met" through this wonderful world of blogging.

A little inspiration........ (don't forget to pause the playlist on the right)

And for the commenter who is worried my children will fill prison beds, please know that we do read to them, we do help with their homework, we do discuss problems they are having. It's just when a teacher looks at you like you're not doing enough, you get a little defensive. :op


Special K said...

I will kick someone's ass if they start talking about your kids filling up prison beds. Seriously. That's ridiculous. And why post anonymously? I hate people who can't sign their name and stand behind what they say.

Oh... congrats on 250

Rue said...

Hi Carla :)

Who in the world would say such a thing??

Congrats on 250!