Saturday, November 29, 2008

Buy Nothing Day

For those of you who wondered about buy nothing day, check out Adbusters.

To quote Wikipedia " Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against consumerism observed by social activists. "

I already mentioned that I never shop on Black Friday. Partly, because I hate crowds and shopping combined. I am probably one of just a small number of women who can start shopping, then leave a cart sitting in the middle of a store because I've lost motivation. I don't enjoy shopping. Call me weird.

And on the day after Thansgiving, the level of insanity is outrageous. There is nothing I need so badly, that I would be willing to get up at 3 am or earlier to stand in line for hours waiting. And this latest incident at Wal mart, just proves how crazy it is. Supposedly the economy sucks, people are out of work, we are in a recession (or heading there depending on who you talk to), banks are being bailed out by the government, the auto industry wants a handout, and still, people participate in the craziness that is Black Friday. This country will never change until more people realize that we need to consume less.

Unfortunately, we failed at not shopping on Friday. Or rather, my husband failed. Of course, he didn't get up insanely early to go shopping, and he didn't even set out to buy any Black Friday deals. He really only took advantage of the day because Krista and I took all the kids to the Grand Illumination and the Children's Parade.

He bought a new dishwasher and TV. I know. Not really a good example of consuming less, but our dishwasher bit the dust a few weeks ago, and our TV even longer than that. I like to think that we're saving a little energy and water at least by purchasing new. Who knows how many gallons of water we have wasted down the drain? And let's not even discuss how it was slowly driving me insane to leave the TV on constantly because if you turned it off, the screen would be green when you turned it back on.

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don't mind me, i am leaving your blog up to play your music and dance with my kids. in case you were wondering who the freak at your site for an hour is :)