Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cheater, cheater

Pumpkin eater. I have failed. I am a failure. The whole spending freeze thing? Yeah, well, it melted. Although, before I sink into a hole of regret, let me explain.

I went to Target, because you know, it's going to be like 1 degree, yes, 1 degree on Friday. Although, I think the latest update was -2. Anyway, to avoid freezing my arse off, I will be holing up at home over the weekend. So, on my way home from work, I stopped by Target to pick up a few things. And yes, I did spend $80. But, some things I needed. Like dryer sheets, and diapers, and the Campbell's soup was on sale on Target and not at the grocery, so there. So some of it I needed, and some of it, maybe I wanted it more than needed it. You be the judge. In the spirit of full disclosure:
  • Dryer sheets - needed
  • Diapers - needed, plus an extra pack for a baby gift
  • Card - needed to go with the baby gift.
  • soup - again, on sale there so I skipped it at the grocery store, and I had a coupon.
  • knit hat - since I don't own a hat and it will be freaking cold, I think that was a need. And it was on clearance for $2.50.
  • Static guard - needed since I bought a knit hat and I have super static head
  • pink leggings for Tess -okay, I guess this was a want, but only because they were on clearance for $2.50. And we do keep it cold inside, so maybe it was more of a need.
  • Tums - enough said
  • picture frames - want/need?

The last one? Well, to be honest, that was the main reason I went to Target. They had frames on sale for $5. So yes, I wanted them. But, considering the fact that the pictures I had taken of Tess at 3 weeks old are still in the plastic envelope they came in, I needed them. So justifiable?

Speaking of my girl, she rolled over three times yesterday. Still unwitnessed by Mama.


Cathy said...

8 degress here in SW Ohio at 531 am.. yes um it's dang cold out there.

Lisa B. said...

You saved some major bucks on some of those items so I say they were ALL needed! You have my vote!