Saturday, February 07, 2009

A quiet Saturday

There are certain things you don't want to hear when you have a house full of little people. One of them is a loud crash, followed by "Call 911 right now!" Luckily, I only had a minute to think oh my God, who is choking, bleeding, blue, before Bobby said there is a huge accident outside. This is what I looked out the front door to see. Fortunately, what initially appeared to be a three car collision, ended up being one car colliding into two parked cars. The black SUV on the right was actually going the opposite direction. He said he was just driving along when the lady in the Buick slammed into the parked cars. He turned around to check on her.
There was an officer on the scene within a few minutes. The fire department showed up eventually. Longer than it seemed like it should have taken considering they are only 3 blocks from us. A unit from the next town over was actually here about 5 minutes after them, even with the 10 minute drive.

Yes, those are two of my children being nosy, but Dad was out there too. The only officer on the scene had him get in the back of the car to hold traction on the driver's head until the paramedics arrived so she could stop traffic. Bobby said they weren't sure if she had hit her head since she was confused and didn't know what happened. See the people by the white house? Yep, those are their cars. Well, not the guy in blue. That's my husband. Can you imagine how crappy your day would suck? To look out your door and discover that not one, but two of your cars are totaled.

Scarier thought, Bobby talked to the woman who owns those two cars. She was heading out to get into the little green car, but went back into her house to fix her hair. She shut the door and heard the crash. Thankfully, she was not in the car or on her way to the car when this happened. Amazingly, the Buick didn't have a tremendous amount of damage. The doors both opened easily and were not bent. And the front end was still intact, just inside the green car.

The Lincoln was parked to the left of this driveway. The green car was behind it with a car length space between. It was hit so hard, it smashed into the Lincoln and pushed it several feet forward into that telephone pole on the right of the picture.

This is what is left of the little four door Chevy. Can you imagine if someone had been in the backseat? A baby in a carseat? I don't even want to think about it. The police estimated the driver's speed at 65-70 mph. This is a 35 mph zone. She did say that she has diabetes so they think she may have passed out. It is just amazing that she only hit parked cars and no one was seriously injured.
Bobby said she was lucky the cars were parked there. If not, she could have slammed into the telephone pole, or ran up the embankment a couple houses down and flipped her car. So much for an uneventful Saturday.
And for Sarah's curiosity, yes, I did finish my paper. I turned it in at 3 and it wasn't even due until midnight. How's that for being on the ball?


Lumpy said...

That gives new meaning to the term "compact car"

Kristin said...

Holy cow! Wrecks like that don't usually happen on residential streets. Thank God no one was hurt. If it was summer people could have very well been outside.

Ang said...

WOW that is unreal! Good thing your kids were not out there.

Special K said...

Thank God the kids don't play out front. That street scares me. Always has. At least no one was seriously hurt.