Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Peeps have spoken

Based on poll results, this will remain an all my crap blog. Thank you for your participation. Be forewarned, you may have to listen to (er, read about) me blathering on about kids, school, work, dieting, finances, budgeting, gardening, decorating (or not, since this is me we're talking about), politics, environmentalism, global warming, compost, hedgehogs, bicycles, hairy legs, gas bills...... You name it, and it might cross my mind.

I'll try to go easy on the heavy stuff. :op


Special K said...

Uhhh... hedgehogs?

Wendy said...

that is ok. i like hearing about it all. you make me smile and laugh and make me feel sane for thinking some of the same things you do.. or maybe we are both just crazy. anyway, you funny.

Sarah in MT said...

Ditto the previous posts. And I agree w/Special K. WTF is up with the hedgehogs?? I think I've read all your postings and don't remember that entering any of the conversations. Maybe it was just in your head?!

Erykah said...

Good, cause that's why I'm here :)