Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday night

Nothing much exciting going on. The kids are out for Spring break this week. Unfortunately, I am working right through the middle of the week, so no quickie vacation for us. I am trying to think of something fun to do for at least one day. Any ideas?

I actually start back to school this week. My third quarter begins tomorrow, and I am.... unprepared. I don't have my books yet, because I am a total procrastinator. My pal Missy let me in on a little secret though. I can request books through the hospital's library, FOR FREE! And wouldnt' you know it, all of my books can be requested. That saved me $200. I should take her out for lunch or something. :op

Onto the scale again, this week I am down another 2 pounds. Only 1 pound away from my first goal. It has been surprisingly easy. I guess when you pay attention to what you stuff in your face, you can actually lose a little weight.

That's all the excitement I can dish out for this week, but click on over to my sis's blog. Three of her bloggy buddies have gotten referrals for their new daughters. Well, two will officially get their referrals on Monday since there are some dummy heads working for DHL and their packets went to the wrong addresses. I can't imagine how long this weekend has been for them, but thankfully, TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!! No more waiting. Congrats to them all!


Wendy said...

good luck this quarter, nice savings on the books too, thats is awesome, we should keep that missy around a while. congrats on the loss! you are doing a grest job.

Rue said...

Hi Carla :)

Congratulations on the weight loss! Good luck with school too :)


Rue said...

Happy Easter Carla!