Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Who doesn't love Chip*tle? Those who are taste bud impaired, that's who! Unfortunately, to get a Chip*tle burrito the way I like it really racks up some points. So I, with the help of my hubby who does most of the cooking around here, have come up with my own version for about 10 points. Start with a La T*rtilla Fact*ry whole wheat, hi fiber tortilla. Add in:
Baja Chip*tle marinated chicken breast
Chip*tle lime rice
Pinto beans
Homemade tomato/corn/jalapeno pico de gallo
2% shredded Mexican cheese
Light sour cream

I had some blue corn tortilla chips and pico on the side. Yummy!

What the....
So the Barbie phase has begun, apparently.

An almost balanced breakfast for less than 6 points!
I like to mix one egg into my egg whites so it looks and tastes like a regular omelette. (Okay, so my spell checker says omelet has one T and no E. What say you?) This is more like a broccoli cheese egg fold over. My hubby is the omelette maker around here, but he felt napping mid morning was a better idea. Unfortunately, I ran out of my English muffins and didn't even have any wheat bread around, so it wasn't quite a complete breakfast. But, I did get in two servings of fruit in one meal, which is great, considering I sometimes have a hard time getting two in one day.

And now someone please explain to me why when you have a house with two kids rooms full of toys, a play room with toys, and a living room with cartoons, your little peeps must shut themselves into your office with you and fight continuously until your head explodes?


Wendy said...

your burrito and breakfast look good! i am going to have to try that broccoli and cheese omelette. that barbie pic cracked me

jenjen said...

Hi Carla!
Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Your blog is great. What cute kids you have.

That burrito and omelet look wonderful! And I know what you mean about the kids - mine don't want anything to do with my until I get on the computer!


Ang said...

If the Barbie phase has begun and you need more Barbie stuff..just shout..we have lots that are ready for a new home. :-)