Monday, August 10, 2009

Couch redo

I am regurgitating this post to link up with Pink and polka dot's slipcover party.

I love, love, love her slipcovers. It was her tutorial post that made me really want to cover my filthy sofa. 

 This thing was filthy. Six years and five kids worth of filth, to be exact. Along with my lack of creative skills, I suffer from a lack of sewing ability so I was scared to tackle making a slipcover on my own. But, I really wanted this thing to be covered.
So I cheated a little bit. I couldn't find a cover that was the exact shape of my couch. Both Ikea and PB had similar slipcovers, but the arms come all the way out on their versions and the seat cushions don't T. What to do, what to do? Well, rip the couch apart, of course.

It was about this point when I started seriously rethinking the whole plan, but there was no going back. My cushions were actually sewn onto the back of the couch.
I had to enlist the help of my 12 yr old to get them off. He obliged me, all the while saying "Mom, I'm not sure this is a good idea."

We managed to squeeze the seat cushions into Ikea's Ecktorp version of a slipcover, even though they weren't quite the same shape. Hey, for $50, I figured I would make them fit. I know buying the material to have them made would been way more expensive.

We were almost finished when we realized that the gingham skirt hung lower than the slipcover. Um, probably because the arms of the couch are shorter. Some more cutting and ripping, and that problem was solved.

And here she is. My "new" couch. I like her.

It's still a little short in front but it looks a whole lot better than it did.


Creekmore's said...

Wow, you're a brave girl! It looks good though. Worth all the trouble!

Morning T said...

You are certainly brave but I do like the transformation and now you can simply remove and wash! Great job.

Cass @ That Old House said...

I like her too! Great makeover, and you ARE brave to pull the cushions off the back. Way to go!

I loved slipcovers back when the kids were young, and the dogs were younger and more plentiful. I once bought a print in Fisher Price colors for the family room,to have a slipcover made, and the woman cutting the fabric looked at me, and said, "Has your husband seen this?" Hahahaha.... yeah, like he had a say in it.

Enjoy the slipcover. They are the best. You will be constantly tucking it back in, but that's just part of daily life.`

Arlene said...

It looks awesome. I have always loved the look of a slipcovered couch. Great job.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Carla, this is fantastic! You are so brave to try it and look how great it came out! I LOVE that your son helped you...would love to have heard what he thought when it was all done. That is so cute that he was trying to save you from a mistake. :-) If he didn't know before, now he really knows, Mom can do anything! :-) Great Met Monday post! Susan

KBeau said...

She looks fabulously chic.

Diana said...

We used a sofa cover and found out if you use a pool noodle in the back (between the back and cushions) it helps keep the cover down..
Looks great:)

Wendy said...

Couch looks great. You two did a really good job!

Krys said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :)
Your couch looks awesome!! I love that you made the couch work for you.

Erykah said...

Amazing!! I need to cover some chairs and can't sew, perfect solution!!

Pink and Polka Dot said...

that is awesome! just revamp a slipcover to custom fit your own sofa...Great Job! You can always add a little skirt to the front to lengthen it. I love what you did! Thanks for sharing

tiny twig said...

way to make it work! :) i LOVE your braveness. fabulous!