Thursday, February 11, 2010

Level 2

I survived the first 10 days of the 30 day shred. Well, I skipped a couple days, because I WAS DYING! Okay, not really, but those first couple days were baaaad. It hurt to walk and let's not even talk about walking downstairs.

I just started level 2 today. It's a bit harder than level 1 but I can tell my stamina is definitely up from when I first started this challenge. Not sure if it's doing much for the weight loss, but I feel better physically.

Oh, and I got my Invisalign put back in, so I can no longer pop things into my mouth willy nilly. That should help some too. There's my suggestion for dieting. Wear an appliance in your mouth that has to be removed for eating. You'll find you just don't feel like eating as often. :op

(I've been wearing the Invisalign since last July, I think. I have had it out for the last 3 weeks because my teeth were not following the recommended course and I had to have new impressions made. Putting it back in after 3 weeks freaking hurts! My teeth definitely shifted, so tell your kids, WEAR YOUR DAMN RETAINER!)

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Angie said...

Girl...let me say first..I was catching up on your posts and you look FABULOUS...are you sure you have had 5 kids? I feel like such a fat chunk...throwing the cookie away right now. Good for you getting your fitness on. Keep at it! No way could anyone pay me to post pics of myself in anything form fitting. Or even loose fitting. Maybe covered in a Snuggie. A really big Snuggie. Maybe. It would have to be really big.

Hugs ~ Angie

p.s. LOL at: it is not a sandbox, honey...I remember those days!