Thursday, December 02, 2010

Holiday Home Party

Some of the blogs that I drool over are hosting a Holiday Home party. Now I never thought that I would actually participate because I know that last year I was such a slacker, I didn't actually get any decorations up until the week before Christmas. My plan was just to ogle everyone else's decor. While I didn't link up with The Lettered Cottage's Christmas Mantel party on the 30th, it was not because I don't love, love love, Layla's house or decorating style. Alas, I do not have a mantel.
However, I actually do have some of my holiday decorations out. So while I was ogling everyone else's posts over at Rhoda's Christmas Vignette party, I realized, HEY, I have one of those. So I took a little break from my peanut butter and apple slices, lit some candles, and snapped some pics.

This is the top of the entertainment center, which I don't normally do much with, which includes dusting, because, uh, it's the top of my entertainment center. But when you start pulling out the decorations that you bought at last year's after Christmas clearance, you realize that you might need a little more space.

And yes, almost all of this was purchased in the clearance aisle because I'm  cheap thrifty like that. And I tend to think that the creative gene that bypassed me might just one day show up.

That big huge ginormous mercury glass ball up there is way too heavy to hang on the tree. But I LOVE it, and I have never been able to figure out what to do with it. I just hope it doesn't fall off of there when my rambunctious tikes start running around in the morning.

Here it is in all its nighttime glory. And yeah, I do realize now that I obscured my 5 yr old's face from view. but I wasn't about to retake these. It is 3 am, you know, and I should be studying.

Hope, Peace, Noel, and Joy

I'd forgotten how much I love candles until I had them all lit with the lights out.
So cozy and pretty.

You can almost make out the glimmer from the Christmas tree in my beautiful glass ball.
Now head on over to Rhoda's party to see even prettier holiday decor.

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