Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Need a change

The things you'll find when perusing a blog you've had for 6 years. I was looking for a specific picture I knew I had posted a while back and got caught up in the old baby pictures and funny stories about the kids. Laughing at some posts and tearing up over others, like how sad I was that my baby boy was turning 4 and here in another month he will be 7. Watched the funny videos of Tess lip smacking and giggling in the tub. Chuckled over my frustration with my classes early on in grad school. So much has happened over the last six years, it was sometimes a nice little trip down memory lane. 

One thing that wasn't nice to be reminded of was my weight issues. I have gone up and down over the years on every diet imaginable. I was pretty successful with WW in 2009 but then slacked off and went back to my old eating habits. I am a typical yo yo dieter, having success the first week or two on any diet, then feeling defeated when I don't lose, or ever worse, gain. I've just about tried them all, Atkins, Medifast, Slim Fast, Dukan, even the grapefruit diet, which is pretty funny since I don't even like grapefruit and that was back when I was only 145. If I had only known then.....

Flipping back through the blog, I realized that I am at the same weight I was when I was so excited to lose "the first 10 pounds". That's right, I am only 10 pounds away from my pre WW diet weight. Sad, huh?

What I have learned from my years of experience with diets is that I like simple. I don't like having to buy special food, or having to count points or calories, or having to not eat bread, or veggies, or...... 

I bought this book a couple years ago and tried it but then fell off the wagon. Someones birthday cake or Christmas cookies, or Halloween candy...... called to me. I actually forgot that I had it until I read a little blurb about it in Shape magazine a couple weeks ago. 

The other thing I've learned is that I no longer gain weight as much in my hips and butt as I did when I was younger. Now it seems to go straight to the belly, which is depressing. Apparently, that is what happens with age. And while I haven't had a flat stomach in years, left with a Mama pooch from the multiple children I birthed, I never had a muffin top. And now I do. Gaining in my butt never bothered me too much because, you know, it's behind me and I can't see it anyway. But this flabby belly is annoying me.

So of course, this book drew me in. What? A diet that can cure me of my belly fat? A book for people "too tired to diet or exercise"? Well, heck yeah, sign me up. And really, the premise makes perfect sense. When you eat too much sugar, it goes to your belly. Looking at all the teens and tweens running around with muffin tops I can totally believe this, not to mention something I learned in school about abdominal fat, glucose, insulin resistance, yada, yada....

Now, this diet does sort of require you to count stuff and limit foods, but in a way that I can totally handle. Instead of calories or points or fats, you track grams of sugar and carb servings, aiming for no more than 15 gms of sugar and 6 servings of carbs per day. Pretty easy to do by just looking at the label. I tried to start on Friday which is never the perfect day to start a new diet, especially when there is a kid's birthday coming up that will require a trip to Pf Chang's and Cold Stone Creamery. So in true non committal fashion, I decided to start Sunday. So far so good.

Breakfast -
Coffee with cream
Scrambled eggs with RF Cheddar
Turkey smoked sausage
Light wheat toast with butter 1/1 (S/C)

WW roasted turkey dinner 1/1
Babybel cheese

Cheeze its 0/1
SF Jello ( Technically, not allowed artificial sweeteners but I need to get rid of them)
Pita Chips 0/1

Grilled chicken
Salad with Ranch dressing 1/0

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