Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Told you so AKA Week 2

See? I told you I'd start slacking soon. Though I have a good excuse. Friday night went out for the hubby's birthday. And while I didn't go overboard with the food, I certainly drank enough. We hit Steak and Shake afterwards and I had the yummiest steak burger minus the bun.

Saturday, slept late, got up went to work, came home, then went to hang with my sister for her birthday slumber party. I didn't bother to track what I ate but I was semi careful. Chicken breast and broccoli for lunch. Salad, hard boiled egg, and a hamburger patty for dinner. Annnnd then, I went to my sisters house. I ate toppings only off the pepperoni pizza and kept it to one thin piece of jalapeno cheddar bread. But, I did give in and eat half of a humongous cupcake. You know, one of those specialty cupcakes where the icing is taller than the actual cupcake. I don't want to even guess how much sugar was in that sucker.

Sunday, had a couple slices deli turkey, white cheddar cheese and some sea salt chips for a total s/c count of 3/1. I took three of my munchkins to a techfest at a local college. It was semi entertaining, less so because of the crowds of people. The kids had a good time at least. We stopped by Friendly's for dinner where I had a buffalo chicken salad and only a couple bites of Tess's sundae. I kind of felt like since I had already cheated over the weekend so what was the big deal, you know? And that is typically my downfall.

Worked overnight Sunday where I had a salad with grilled chicken, a hard boiled egg, and a bag of veggie straws. Chicken stir fry for dinner with honey teriyaki sauce which did have some sugar but not a terrible amount. And unfortunately, gave in again, to a chocolate chip cookie this time.

On a good note though, I am down 1.4 pounds, even with all that cheating. And on top of that, I have a phone interview today with a midwife practice in Michigan. A little nervous about that since it is with the human resources guy and not one of the midwives. I'm sure he'll ask me something that I either have no adequate answer for or one that makes me sound like a real dummy head.

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