Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On track

The fast track, that is. The BFC Fast track. Remember when I said I like simple? No counting, yada, yada? Welcome to the Fast Track. It's a 14 day period of typical BFC foods minus grains.

I don't know if it was the ease of not counting carbs and sugars or the fast approach of the annual girls trip to Mexico that inspired this jump start. Maybe a little of both.

The 4 day anti bloat diet I did before I went to Erie actually did seem to make a difference. I lost a couple pounds and felt really good in my perfectly slimming pants during my interview.

Speaking of that interview, still waiting to hear back. I felt like it went well even if it was more laid back than a typical interview. Alot of hanging out, chit chatting and asking questions rather than a formal sit down interview. It's a place I feel like I could be happy in. One of the midwives said something that really stuck though. She said she didn't want me to take the first position that came along just because it is the first thing that came along. That got me thinking. I figured I should at least wait to hear back from the practice in Michigan and keep my eye on the job postings to see if anything felt right before saying yes, this is it, I'm going to wait to hear back from Erie and if I don't, I'll cry. Or something equally dramatic.

The day after I came back I found an awesome opportunity with a home birth midwife in Indiana. I was so excited about it I almost cried (or something equally dramatic). I did send off a resume but have yet to get a response, even a yep, I got it. I also got a call from a practice in Illinois that wanted me to send another resume and fill out their hospital application. Did that and haven't heard anything. Sent off a couple more resumes, just for kicks. Oh, I sent one to a practice in West Virgina that I thought had been filled. The midwife called the next day and talked with me for half an hour. That was over a week ago. It's the waiting game that is annoying. Especially hearing about other new grads starting new CNM positions and knowing that there are more new grads coming out every month.

I would just appreciate a nope, we decided to go with someone else, or hey, we're still interviewing, we'll keep you posted kind of thing, you know?

Anyway, so that's what's up with me. My weight, but no new job news.

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