Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Monday was the first day of school for Travis. Tanner started last week, but Kindergarten didn't start until this week. He was pretty excited to get ready for school and catch the bus. Didn't even complain about having to get up early. The bus comes at 7:30, so they were up by 7 am. This is the sleepy head who sleeps until 9 am, we're talking about. It was an absolutely ugly morning to start school. There was a thunderstorm at the time, so it was raining, dark, and dreary.

This is Tanner and Travis in the morning waiting for the bus. Luckily, they humored me by sitting still for a pic, even though they both gave me fake smiles. Travis was so excited to pack his lunch and take it in the new lunchbox he picked out. I tried to talk him into a super hero or Scooby Doo lunch box, but he went for the plain black nylon one that's shaped like a regular old lunch box.

He had a lunch of pb&j, fruit and a twinkie. Tanner had a turkey sandwich.

Tanner seems to enjoy school so far this year. Hasn't even complained too much about homework, although I'm sure, that time will come. Luckily, Zach, the PITA kid who lives up the street is not in his class. Man, I hate that kid. But that's another story.....

Catching the bus. Notice the rain drops in this pic.

Coming home, the sun (or is that sons?) has returned!

Travis said he liked school. He said he made some friends, and got to draw a picture of himself. No recess today though due to the rain. I think he liked riding the bus best of all. Hard to believe I have two going off to school now. They grow up way too fast. :o(

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Krista on a bad day

For those of you who know Krista, for those of you who complain when she is always late....... this is what happens when you don't give her time to put her face on.

Okay, not really. This was Halloween 05. What a great aunt to dress up with the kids and go trick or treating. I admit, my kids got pretty lucky when they handed out aunts. It was pretty funny when she came in. The boys figured it out pretty quick, but Tatum took a few minutes to decided whether or not it was really Aunt Sheesha.

The early days

Some earlier pics of Teagan. Trying to take advantage that my pics are actually posting now!!!
Notice the baldness around 8 months. All the boys did this. Came out redheads, lost their hair around 8-9 months, then it grew back blond.

Teagan 3 weeks

Teagan 9 months

Teagan 5 months

Teagan 8 months

Teagan 15 months

Thought I would share, for those of you who haven't already heard it.

Teagan was born at home March 29, 2005 at 11:15 pm. Big brothers Tanner and Travis, big sister Tatum, Aunt Krista, and Grandma were there with Mommy and Daddy to welcome him. Teagan weighed in at 6 lbs 5 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.My water broke at 9 pm, contractions started shortly after that. I was home alone with the kids. I had to wait for my sister and husband to get here. They found me in the bathtub. (I had initially thought I'd throw the kids in for a quick bath, but changed my mind when I couldn't figure out what to do about the fluid leaking down my leg). By 10:30 I was in transition and not wanting to get out of the bathtub. At 11 pm, as Bobby, my sister and my mom were trying to urge me into getting dressed, I knew that we wouldn't make it to the hospital and didn't really want to try. Up to that point, I was somewhere between thinking if I'm only 5 cm, I need an epidural because I'm dying, and I'm scared to get in the van because this has got to be close to the end. It was the shortest, most intense labor I've experienced.I had just enough time to pull off my bra, panties, and the one sock that they had gotten on me, and get back into the tub. That's all I could focus on. I need to get in the tub. Got in and barely kneeled down before I felt the most awesome feeling of him barreling down the birth canal. I was afraid he would come flying out and I would tear. That's how fast he seemed to be coming. I tried to slow down and breathe his head out, but felt him crowning and then his head was there in my hand, as I kneeled in the tub at the faucet end. I had a few seconds of worrying about pushing the shoulders out, not feeling the urge to push, when the rest of him slid out. Luckily, my sister came around behind me and caught the rest of him before he landed in the water, since I couldn't reach him in the position I was in (After I told her to "Go the other way", as she stood there and tried to figure out how to get in front of me). The most awkward part was trying to stand up to get my leg over the cord so I could take him back. Somewhere in the midst of all that, my husband had called the EMT's. They arrived after delivery. And since baby was nice and pink, with no problems, I refused treatment and sent them away. He nursed for 40 minutes not long after delivery, still connected to his cord. After two hours and tremendous cramping, I was worried we would have to go to the hospital for the placenta. But after calling my CNM, she suggested getting up to the bathroom. It did finally deliver, into the toilet. LOL And I felt so much better. Then noticed the first degree tear and thought we might have to go for that. Another call to the midwife, she said it would probably heal on it's own if it wasn't bleeding. Just stay off my feet and keep my legs together.

Despite that it wasn't "completely" planned, it was the most empowering experience of my life. Having just my family there, settling into our own bed, eating my husband's home cooked food, made it all the more intimate and memorable.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The red haired wonder

Here's my little Tater Tot, AKA Myra Tatum. She is an absolutely, adorably hilariously, entertaining little person.


Okay, this has nothing to do with my kids. Well, unless you count the fact that they don't eat veggies.

How come no one told me cucumbers were invasive beasts? :op I only got a few plants in the ground this year, more for practice than expecting anything to harvest. A watermelon (which has yet to do anything), a tomato plant (with several green maters, will they ever turn red?), a couple pepper plants (that I have actually got a couple peppers off of), and one attack cucumber vine. It has twisted and turned to wrap itself around the peppers, the tomato and is making it's way towards the watermelon. I do have three nice size cukes on there, but dang, that is a mean plant. It beats up on everything around it. Of course, it has no defense against Buddy, the vine tugging Lab puppy.

No, that's not the vine tugging puppy. That's Travis. The infamous namer of the FEMALE vine tugging puppy named Buddy.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I'm sure everyone else is just as annoyed as I. Still having picture issues. And since I have nothing important to say, what's the point of hanging around except to show off pics of my rugrats???

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Never said I was any good at this

Krista has brought it to my attention, that to have a blog, you have to actually post on it. Picky, picky. I guess I'll introduce you to the rest of my clan. Tatum, Travis, and Tanner. Okay, where did my pictures go? Told you I wasn't any good at this. I guess my kids are floating out in cyber space. Okay, I give up.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Trying this out

Following in my sister's footsteps, I'm trying out this whole blog thing. I've always been a follower.
You may be wondering how I came up with Tales of the T's. Or maybe not.
I asked my sis. Duh, I told you I was a follower.
This is the youngest of our T's, Teagan, (the others are Tanner, Travis, and Tatum) and this is their tale.

Teagan is actually a boy. Not a girl, as the pink cover up would suggest. The tragedy of being number four.