Sunday, October 14, 2012

Come on in

Okay, since you've asked for it, and I've been a slacker blogger.
I'm pretty sure I took this picture straight on but it sure looks like the porch is crooked. Not much to see out here. We never use this door as we always come in the garage.
But, if you were to come in this door, this is what you would see.

You could walk straight down the hall into the dining room

Or head up the stairs, but that is where the children live, so you don't want to go there.
It is generally a big ugly mess.

If you turned to your right at the front door, you would head into..

the Mama and the Papa's room

which leads into this bathroom with the huge tub that looks really inviting
but is usually a preschooler swimming pool or a glorified dog bath.

The doorway to the left in the entry hall leads into the living room
which is where I'm sometimes reminded how cute my kids are
unless of course, they are behind me, fighting over the remote.

Walking through the doorway there on the right will lead you into 

the kitchen 
which required some strategic posing to avoid the mess on the counter.
Ignore the fingerprints on the fridge. 
And off the kitchen is the mudroom/office/entry/segway to the laundry room.
And that's all you get for now.
There's a horse in my front yard.