Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camping 101

Take a nice campsite.
Some people you like.
Add some sun.
A little shade.
A whole lot of energy.
Throw in some water, sand, and smores and you have the makings of a good time.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


By the way, Captain Jack is gone.
Captain Jack
As are his big red cronies who also happened to be boy chickens.
Damn Tract*r Supply and their supposed pullet bin.
The mean buggers were pecking my sweet little hens, not to mention eating my green tomatoes, and trampling my onions.
One lucky rooster will get to play the stud to a farmyard full of hens. The other three will make some farmer a yummy chicken dinner. We're left with three little hens who are much more relaxed now that the fellas are gone. And I have my garden back to myself. Unfortunately, the weeds didn't realize I didn't want to share with them either. After a 3 hr stint weeding, seeding, and tackling the tomato forest, I sit here slathered in aloe. Sunscreen is always a good plan if you'll be wearing a tanktop and standing in the sun for hours.

Friday, July 23, 2010


That's me, the blog slacker. Not sure if that's the correct terminology, but calling myself blacker didn't sound very PC, so slogger it is. I've been working a crap load of over time the last 2 weeks which is why I haven't been around much. Working 65 hrs a week is tiring and leaves little time for blog updates.

Between shifts, I managed to take the little peeps to the sprayground. That's right, the sprayground.
Tate and her best buddy Emma
I like how Tess had to hang on for dear life in this one. Then cackled like a banshee at the bottom, of course.
See what a bright and sunny day it was?
Right before the skies darkened, the thunder clapped, and the heavens opened up on us.
I got drenched just getting the kids into the car.
After a soggy trip to Sonic, we headed home.
Meanwhile, back at the home front.....

Monday, July 05, 2010


We have a problem.
This is not a hen.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Holiday cookout

Since I have to work on July 4th, we had a family cookout last night.
After we were sufficiently stuffed, out came the sparklers.
(This is the night setting, btw, in case you're wondering why the kids are morphing out of their bodies).


Teagan and Mekhi
Maya, Malika, Tatum, and Tess

Then came the real show. The dog wasn't sure what to think.
But the kids were pretty impressed.
Until it got loud.
"Tess was screaming, Mom!"
Before we even had breakfast today, it began.
"When can we do that again?"