Monday, May 21, 2007

More pics from Mom's Day!

Mom's cardAnd her reaction!

The front says "Mom, can I ask you a question on Mother's Day?"

Inside: "What are these women doing?"

Neither my sis or I are known for loving to cook.

I can cook, by the way, I just choose not to.

This was Krista's gift to Mom. She made a donation to an organization which sponsors Nannies in Chinese orphanages.

My gift from Tanner. Travis made one ot school too.

Teagan enjoying cake.

Graduation/Mother's Day

Travis opening one of his cards. He got a kick out of that one. If you can see the front, it is a bunch a ducks. The inside said "Thought you'd like a card with a lot of big bills". Hehehe, from me, of course. Me and my sis
Krista with her first Mother's Day presents. Matching ladybug tees for her and Mia.
Mom with the Grandma card. Artwork by Tatum.
And the cake!

We had a cookout for Mother's Day, with a surprise graduation party thrown in for my little brother. Of course, he's 30 and taller than me, so not really little. He graduated from Barber college and just passed his licensing exam. We all had a good time, and ate way too much, as usual.

A Visit from Grandma and Grandpa

My grandparents came down from Wisconsin for a visit. We see them about once a year. I hope someday to take the kids back up for a visit to their house. I don't think we've been since Travis was a baby. I have fond memories of visiting Grandma and Grandpa's house for Spring break and Christmas break. I want my kids to have those memories too. They came bearing gifts. Tatum got a tea set which she absolutely loved. I think I've drank enough sugar water in the last week to become diabetic. Travis got a truck/construction set which he proceeded to deconstruct. Teagan likes the trucks too, (he got wooden blocks). And Tanner got a science set. It has a microscope in it, which he has been asking for since Christmas.

It was nice for the little kids to hang out with Grandma while the older boys were still at school. Grandma even got down on the floor to play blocks and have some sugar water "tea" too. Grandma also made Tatum a new spring dress. I'll have to get a picture of her in it. The dress in this pic is the one she made for last Easter.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Trip to the Circus!

The Shriner's Circus was in town a few weeks ago so we took the kids to see it. We had front row seat on the side where all the acts came in, so everyone walked right in front of us on the way to the rings. It was pretty cool, although a little freaky to be that close to the elephants. :oP This is the Hula Hoop lady from Yugoslavia. She was pretty darn cool!
Tatum liked the aerial artists, as they are called now (didn't they used to be acrobats?). Although she told me later that I didn't get a picture of the green lady that she liked, only the "Star Lady".
I think Teagan was pretty amazed by the elephants.
The "Star Lady". Notice the stars on her outfit.

This is the very cool contortionist from Mongolia. She is one powerful little woman.
All in all, the kids had a great time. They ate too much popcorn and cotton candy. And of course, after seeing the little boy ride a dirt bike through the Globe of Death, Travis asked "Daddy, daddy, when can I get a dirt bike like that?" Uh, let me think about that one.