Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring pics

It's a Tateybug!
What a load of Croc!
(Travis, Tatum, Teagan)The Faux Hawk!
A Ladybug sighting!

Bath time

The hunt is on

Cracking into the eggs, wait we're not done yet!Look Ma! I got a Peep!
Travis needs a little help from Big Travis.
Ooh, I found another.
And another! I've got more than you.

I know, Easter was a few weeks ago. Did I mention that I'm a busy Mom, oh, and lazy?
Tanner decided he was too old to hunt for eggs this year, so he got to hide them instead. He apparently forgot that his little brothers and sister are little. There were eggs in the chandeliers, on the picture frames, on top of the plate rack.....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Signs of spring

Buddy right after a visit to the groomer. She went barreling into the backyard, and slid through the mud. On her face!Tatum and Teagan on one of the first nice days of "Spring"
playing in the sandbox and on the swings.

Unfortunately, this only lasted a day or two. Then the snow, rain and cold temps returned.

Car conversations

Tanner: You know, on the Flinstones, how did they get the animals to do what they wanted? Like the elephant was the shower, and a bird played records..... and why was a longneck the dog? How did they get them to do that?

Uh, because it's a cartoon?

Travis: MOM! Did you see that hole in the fence? (Driving on the highway) Someone ran into the fence and drove off the road. (It was probably from the construction they are doing, it was not an actual accident, just the imagination of a 7 yr old)

Me: (We were several feet above the streets below) Did they land in a tree?
Travis:No, they hit the tree, then landed on the street.
Tatum: Then they died.
Travis: No, they didn't die, they just wrecked.
Tanner: How do you know, Travis? You're not a story teller.
Travis: Shut up, Tanner. I saw the hole in the fence.

And from a few days ago, Tatum read a book to Teagan. It went a little something like this....
I am pretty, and I am pretty. And I don't care because I am pretty, and I like boys and girls. And I found a dinosaur and a rock. He found golden rocks and he likes it because it's pretty. So he never leaves the rocks. He likes this color.

(It was about a dinosaur and a rock, but the rest of it, who knows?)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My baby is 2!

It's hard to believe my baby boy is a 2 yr old. It doesn't seem like so long ago that he came flying into the world. Check out The Comical Version I think it was funnier from someone else's perspective. At the time, I didn't think it was fun. :op

And here we are, 2 yrs later, with a toddling trouble maker. So much for the mellow baby days. Teagan has found his inner being, and has embraced the little devil. He has learned that hitting and throwing things will annoy his siblings, and that writing (in marker!!!) on the walls and unrolling toilet paper annoys Mom. But beyond the toddler angst, he is a sweet, smart, funny, little man. And I do mean little. He tops the scales at a whopping 24 lbs and is just under 3 feet tall. He picks up more and more words every day, and will repeat just about anything. Oops. And thank goodness, we lucked out with another non picky eater. (Now, if only Travis and Tatum would grow out of the picky stage).

Grandma, Aunt Krista and Uncle Travis all came over on his birthday for burgers and brats. Yes, it was actually nice enough to cook out, before the darn snow returned. We all munched on cake and ice cream too!

Teagan got some new clothes for summer, a remote control car, the Happy Feet movie, and a bubble mower.
He was pretty excited about the bubble mower!
I think the balloons were his favorite though!