Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cuteness in pigtails

My baby girl is 18 months old.
And she is so freakin adorable.
And sneaky.
She knows what she wants.
And she almost always gets it.
Especially from Daddy. He is such a sucker.
Too sour.
Very sweet.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Monday

And you know what that means? Absolutely nothing.

Bang, bang, watch out, here come the bullets!
  • Took the fam to Dave and Busters for Tanner's birthday.
  • The kids had a blast.
  • My steak sucked.
  • I still ate it, cuz I'm not picky like that.
  • I missed a due date and turned in an assignment late.
  • I should have gotten a big fat 0.
  • My instructor took pity on my stupidity and accepted it anyway.
  • Thank you Dr. G.
  • Three weeks into the 30 day shred.
  • I feel stronger but...
  • I have lost NOT. ONE. SINGLE. POUND.
  • My slacking off this week probably didn't help.
  • Neither did the Girl Scout cookies.
  • Or the birthday cake.
  • Have you ever had this?
  • Oh. My. God.
  • I thought butter pecan, not really my thing. Then I ate 4 pieces. Right out of the pan.
  • Thank God I didn't buy a 12 pack.
  • But you can, from Amaz*n.
  • Oh, about the food waste challenge?
  • We didn't waste any cake.
  • But some old lettuce had to go and a few Valentine cupcakes that practically melted.
  • Candy and icing apparently don't mix.
Now onto the rest of the week....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Uncharted territory

This dimpled 1 yr old is now
this dimpled 13 yr old.
Happy birthday Tanner!
I'm not sure when, but somehow you grew into a teenager.
A teenager who is taller than me and wearing men's jeans.
I was so not prepared for this.
I miss your baby face,
but I look forward to watching you grow into a man.
Let the adventure begin.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

February 14 is a day for flowers
and cupcakes!
At least in this house.
Hope you all had an extra sweet day and some time to snuggle with your Valentine.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Krista!

My OLDER sister's birthday is today.
Hope you had a great day Krista.
Happy birthday to the greatest aunt in the world.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Level 2

I survived the first 10 days of the 30 day shred. Well, I skipped a couple days, because I WAS DYING! Okay, not really, but those first couple days were baaaad. It hurt to walk and let's not even talk about walking downstairs.

I just started level 2 today. It's a bit harder than level 1 but I can tell my stamina is definitely up from when I first started this challenge. Not sure if it's doing much for the weight loss, but I feel better physically.

Oh, and I got my Invisalign put back in, so I can no longer pop things into my mouth willy nilly. That should help some too. There's my suggestion for dieting. Wear an appliance in your mouth that has to be removed for eating. You'll find you just don't feel like eating as often. :op

(I've been wearing the Invisalign since last July, I think. I have had it out for the last 3 weeks because my teeth were not following the recommended course and I had to have new impressions made. Putting it back in after 3 weeks freaking hurts! My teeth definitely shifted, so tell your kids, WEAR YOUR DAMN RETAINER!)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Winter wonders

It's a wonder he came home. After a month MIA, Chewie came home. The neighbors found him in their basement Friday night. Not sure where he was before then, but he's pretty scrawny, so my theory of him warming himself in front of someone's fireplace is shot.

It's a wonder that he came home right before this started. This is the first 8-10 inches from the weekend.
It's coming down again today.
It's a wonder how this girl has grown cuter. She'll be 18 months old tomorrow and has entered into that pre terrible 2 stage. She is a sneaky little thing.
We have a gate up in front of the kitty litter box which has always worked to keep the dog out. Unfortunately, since our baseboards are so tall we have to put the gate higher. Tess has figured out she is small enough to squeeze UNDER. 
It's not a sandbox honey.

She is a bit of a climber too. Still hasn't figured out she's probably tall enough to climb out of the crib, but she has mastered the dining room chairs and table. It's not unusual to find her sitting in the middle of the dining table. Oh, and the computer. Yet another fascination. She likes to climb up in the chair and push buttons. All of the buttons. One day she had the screen turned completely sideways.

She still eats like a little piggy and doesn't turn her nose up at anything. Thank goodness. Let's hope the antipickiness lasts. And she's still a snuggler. Doling out hugs and kisses like the little princess she is.

Monday, February 01, 2010

A Challenging February

I am joining Jessica for the Pudget 30 day Challenge. From Feb 1 until March 2, I will be shredding it with Jillian Michaels.

While I've tried following her video before, I've never actually done it for 30 days. And I think that's kind of the point, huh? It's going to be a little tricky since I work night shift and normally come home, sleep, eat dinner, and go right back to work. But, here I go. And just to show I'm serious, I'll share with you where I'm starting from.

That's me, hips and all. I seem to be stuck hovering between 163-165, at least for the last 3months!
So bring it on Jillian.

I'm also joining in Crunchy Chicken's food waste reduction challenge again this year. Hmm, lose weight but don't waste food? Sounds counterintuituve, huh? Hopefully, we'll be making smarter food choices to avoid wasting food we really don't want to eat in the first place.

While I don't have a problem finishing off left overs (see pics above), the picky people in my house refuse them. But with starving children in Haiti, my little peeps need to make smarter food decisions too. We have a kitchen full of food and rarely show our appreciation. To be so fortunate is definitely a blessing. 

Food Waste Reduction Challenge - February 2010