Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tess turns 5

Today, my baby girl became a 5 yr old. 
I'm not sure how or why it happened, but it did.
And next week she is starting Kindergarten. :'(

We had a little mini party with just the family.
You may notice that the built in at the end of the room has been painted. It just seemed to blend in before. 
We made English muffin pizzas. 
Pizza was actually her second choice. 
Chicken, rice, and green beans was the first.
Cucumber carrot sandwiches anyone?
Followed by cherry chip cupcakes.

"I got a dollar!"
AKA $20 bill from Grandpa and Grandma

"A Barbie Doc McStuffins! I never had one of these before!"

And of course, posing in her new birthday dress from Grandma.

Happy 5th birthday baby girl.
Our lives have been brightened since you came along.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Change of address

We've moved!
Technically, a little over a month ago, but we're still getting settled in.

These were the listing pictures

We're starting to work on little projects and will be updating along the way

So for the grand tour....... the living room

Dining room


Family/dining room

Downstairs bath

Master bedroom

What is now Tess's room

And Teagan's room

Up the stairs

There is another bathroom

Tatum's room

and Travis's room.

Down to the basement

is where you will find the laundry

and a rec room

which is currently storage and

Tanner's room.
Changes are in store, stay tuned.