Thursday, December 30, 2010

She strikes again

Gosh forbid I take a phone call and leave my purse, with makeup in it, lying around.....
I wonder what could have happened.

Hmmm, it must have been someone with small hands.

Uh huh, I think I found the guilty party.

Tess the Mess strikes again.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dancin machine

If you noticed the sneak peek yesterday, you may have already figured out what this post is about.
Aunt Krista gifted the kids with a Wii dancing game for kids.

Tatum and Braeden were jamming pretty hard.

Tess thought it was a little too much excitement for her new baby and had to put her to bed on the beanbag.

Even Aunt Kristy got in on the action.

Truth be told, it is kind of hard. Tatum really kicked my butt on the pop songs.
But hey, I rocked out to If you're happy and you know it. :op

And the aftermath.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas recap (beware, lots of pics)

Before they tore into things

I had to switch over to the flash. They were moving too fast to prevent the blur factor.

Yes, this is a crazy sing a ma jig and before you comment how weird it is,
I'll let you know that Tess loved it and promptly kissed it on its freaky mouth.

And now that that's out of the way, it's time to play!

You may notice the fading bruise on Tess's cheek. We took a tumble down the stairs. I thought I would share the bruise on my cheek too, you know to document the whole experience on the blogosphere and all. But that would require me to take a picture of my BUTT cheek. :op And I just don't feel that comfortable with ya'll yet. I slid down 5-6 stairs while holding Tess. To prevent dropping her, I didn't catch myself. Have you ever seen those cartoons where someone slides down the stairs with their head bouncing on every step? Yeah, that's what it felt like. Despite some bruised cheeks, a massive headache, and some severely bent glasses, we survived with no broken bones or concussions. Needless to say, my bruise was a whole lot bigger than hers.

See that stroller there? Already broken. Yep, Tess buckled herself into it then tried to stand up. She pulled the seat cover completely off. You just can't get high quality in a $7 stroller these days.

Time for a little breakfast with a new Dora movie.
We did it, we did it, we did it. Yay!

The rest of the family came over in the afternoon to stuff themselves and dig into more presents.

Teagan and Braeden
The unwrapping goes in age order, in case you were curious.

It was all a blur after this.

What you got there, Tess?

Ooh, a sneak peak of what's to come.....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hope you had a Merry Christmas

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Friday, December 24, 2010


For the past, oh I don't know, gazillion years, Aunt Krista has been clothing her nieces and nephews in matching penguin jammies (yeah, she has a bit of an obsession) and squeezing them all together to capture the moment.
Not only did we have to contend with my five (including a 2 yr old who hadn't napped), but we threw another 5 yr old into the mix.

Getting them all to look at the camera and smile at the same time was no easy feat.
Can't you almost hear Tess yelling "MERRY CHRISTMAS" in this one?

Uh oh, lost a couple.

Still not quite right.

We may be losing them...

Would you believe this is the first pic I took?
And besides the grumpy look on the teen's face, I think it actually might be the best one.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tatum is what?

Eight? Seriously, eight?
Yes, it's official.
We squeezed her birthday celebration in between cookie baking and bedtime on Monday,
and at 3:19 am today it really happened. My biggest girl became an 8 yr old.

She is getting a little big for her britches, figuratively at least, so it must be so.

She chose the Christmas bulb cake herself. Fitting for the girl who decided not to wait until her New Year's Eve due date, but to come out in plenty of time to get her own Christmas presents.

She's been impatient ever since.

The girl loves to sing and dance so we gifted her a karaoke machine, which she has been annoying her brothers with since first plugging it in.

Oh, what will the future hold for you Myra Tatum Princess?
Happy birthday my little Tatey bug.
We  love you to pieces.