Thursday, September 15, 2011


That's how my brain has been moving lately. Slow. I've been blog slacking again, although I discovered today that I'm near my max storage for pics anyway. Who knew? I could blame my slackyness (yep, it's a word) on being busy with school or work or clincicals or house cleaning, hahaha, okay, maybe not that last one, but really it's just that I lack the motivation. 
I haven't really been that busy with school or work or clinicals lately. I didn't have any didactic classes this quarter so had no major assignments to keep me busy. I quit my job a few weeks ago in anticipation of starting clinicals where I work, so haven't been busy there. And while I have been going to the office for clinicals, my hospital contract has been sitting at school for 3 weeks waiting for approval from the demi Gods, or some other phantom type people who eventually get around to reviewing contracts, so not too busy with clinicals either. 
Mentally, I guess I'm just in a funk. Not knowing what is the appropraite reaction to not getting your way. Frustration, sadness, optimism, depression. Past the frustration stage and leaning towards depression.
Add in the projects around my house that I really want to do but just don't feel like doing, the garden that is a complete disappointment, the flowerbeds that sorely need my attention, the utter confusion about what to do with a 14 yr old who doesn't write down assignments or bring textbooks home............
Emotionally overwhelmed and falling off my Super Woman pedestal.

So with that, I will leave you with pics from G-burg, the trip we took a lifetime ago, you know, like July.