Friday, September 07, 2012

Around these parts

We believe in child labor around these parts.
It's legal in Tennessee, right?

Yes, that is my 7 yr old mowing the lawn 
the one who is lacking in the posterior region.
Gotta remember to get that kid a belt.

But have you seen our yard around these parts? 
The front yard ain't much smaller 
And in case you were curious about the side view
Or why I find it necessary to complain about bellowing at 7am.
It's them there cows out my bedroom window.
We even put the little one to work.
Shirts are optional around these parts.

Playing outside was about all there was to do around these parts.

Until the Internet anyway. Now you'll probably never see this one out there.

Not sure if they were all exploring around these parts, or the big one went after the little ones.

Of course snatching up my camera to capture a rare sibling moment makes for bad pics. 


School started a few weeks ago around these parts. Not having your camera ready means you might miss that getting off the bus on their first day shot, as evidenced by the hair flying out of the frame. This was at the end of our road (lane?), which is exactly a half mile to our house. Thanks to a change in the route, they are now the last stop, so the bus driver drives all the way back the lane, turns around in the driveway and drops the kids off at the house. Which probably saved the little minions from heat stroke as the lane is an up and down and up and down half mile and they aren't quite used to being country kids yet.

An Underground Sea?

The Lost Sea? Big ol' underground lake?
Tomayto..... Tomahto.....
We took a trip to visit the Lost Sea the weekend the kids came down to Tennessee with their Grandma. Took a trip as in, it's on my way to work. :op 
They might have had a little more fun in the gift shop than down in the actual caves,
but who doesn't love magnetic rocks? 

I'm not sharing many pics down in the caves because we were way too excited to take pics.
Or, it was way dark down there and I left Travis in charge of the camera. 

Notice the lack of a teen. He's way too cool for caves, man.
Due to blogger acting like a butt, combined with the slow as molasses speed of satelite internet
(yay, we have internet), these will be the only pics you see today
because my annoyance meter is near the stroke out level.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

My baby turned four

Tess the 4 yr old
And you wouldn't even know it because I didn't share any pictures. We actually had her party the weekend before the big day because Mom was back in Ohio for a visit.

She wanted a mermaid party which we indulged her with, complete with Octopus dogs, Starfish PB&Js, Goldfish crackers, and of course, Ariel cupcakes.

There was even a "fish" bowl and Ocean water to drink.

While the little ones gorged themselves on kid friendly food, the grown ups grilled burgers and brats

and the tweens and teens played video games.

There was a little slip and slide fun

A couple didn't quite get the sliding part down

While a couple others skipped out on that fun completely.

Tess and Logan decided it was more fun to spray other people with the sprinkler than actually run through it.

And then came the cupcakes!

Though who needs cake when you can have icing?

Throw in some presents

And you've got yourself a great birthday!

Hello puppy

Eww, doggy kisses

Thanks to all our Ohio friends and family who came out to celebrate the baby minion's 4th!
When I headed back to Tennessee, I took her and the tall minion (AKA Captain Awesome, according to him), back with me. We stayed with a very nice couple for about a week and were at their house for Tess's actual birthday on August 10th. When they heard it was her birthday, they threw in a little party with dinner.

Tess had taken to introducing herself as Ariel Tess, hence the cake.

Mom, of course, missed the actual blowing out of the candles, but Tess enjoyed being spoiled with another birthday party.
So, we're still settling in to Tennessee and I hope to add more pics soon. Keep your eye out.