Monday, June 23, 2008

My Tiny Dancer

Here are some pics from Tatum's recital. She was a lion, in case you couldn't figure it out. I'm still working on the video. It must have a scratch on the disc. It pauses, but then keeps playing on the DVD player, but gets completely stuck on the computer. So, I'll see what I can do.

She is the second from the right.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Night shift

If you work night shift, this is what you might come home to. Yeah, that's my spot.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

30 wk appt

Forgot to mention, I had an appt with my midwife on Friday, at 30 wks and 3 days. All is well. My feet are fat, my butt is fat, my stomach is fat...... maybe well is the wrong word. :op Actually, she said my stomach is very toned. Hmm, I think she was just being nice after checking out my hugely fat ankles. I gained 7 pounds!!!! Eeek. Of course, I think 2 of those pounds were in my insanely large ankles.

Did I mention that my ankles are swollen? And my feet? And if I stand up long enough, my calves? Ugh! There are no pictures. It's too scary. But take my word for it, if you work 12 hours, then stay up for a parade, a festival and an extremely long ballet recital, you will not recognize your lower extremities. Your ankles and calves will burn because the skin is so tight, and your sandals will leave lovely indentations on the fat pads formerly known as feet. They did look a little better this morning after having them propped on pillows for almost 12 hours!!! However, sitting here at the computer, trying to catch up on mail and blogs, I look down and see the fat pads returning. Ugh! I need wireless.

The little pink one sounds great. Her little ticker was ticking right along. My belly is measuring right about 30-31 weeks. And, my midwife scheduled another US on July 3. Just for kicks. So, maybe, we'll get to peek at her little face. I'll be 33 weeks then and have heard that sometimes the little critters aren't too cooperative for a 3d US at that point though.

Signing off for now, to elevate my lower half. My toes are starting to sting. Pictures of my little ballerina to follow, when I can sit here a little longer.

Did u guess right?

Hmm, how are your US reading skills? Were you right?

Well, if you said boy (and you're a woman), to put it in the infamous words of my cousin Alicia, you should bend over and look in a mirror. :op

I did have confirmation from one of the docs I work with. He took a quick peek and said he's 99% sure that I was right.

It's a......


Monday, June 09, 2008

No US today

Well, we didn't have any luck with the US today. Seems almost like a sign. I had already rescheduled once due to the tech being sick. Today, the US room flooded at one office. So we drove over to the other office only to discover that the tech there didn't know how to do a 3D US. She was, apparently, never trained. And then she went into, why are you having it done, I need a reason, I have to code it a certain way, I can't make up a code, yada, yada.....

Needless to say, I said forget it. There's no point in having an US done if it's not going to be 3D because that was really the only reason to do it.

But, I already mentioned that I peeked at work, so I won't keep you hanging forever. While I'm no US tech, I have done some research. And another L&D nurse had the exact same response as soon as we saw the the "butt" shot. While this is not my personal US, this is basically what we saw. It is an "underneath" shot. That's the tush to the right, and the legs pointing out to the left. What do you think?

Boy or girl? There's a poll over there on the right, if you're feeling adventurous. Bear in mind that I work all week, so I probably won't let you know if you're right for awhile. : p

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

29 weeks and other happenings

I guess we're on the downward swing now, with about 8-10 weeks to go. Eeek! I'd like to meet this little person who can manage to abuse me on both sides of my abdomen at the same time, but golly, there's still alot I'd like to get done before then.
As far as the uncomfortableness (I think I just invented that word), it continues. I can deal with the indigestion, the constipation, and the swollen ankles, it's the aching tailbone that's going to do me in. Sometimes, it is downright painful. There's no helping the waddling after I've been sitting for awhile. I did pick up a birth ball (an exercise ball for you non pregnancy types), so I'm hoping sitting on that instead of a straight back chair will help. It really helped my hip pain with the last pregnancy. And I guess I'm going to break down and see a chiropracter. Hopefully, that will help too. Two more days until the big US. Yes, we will be peeking. Or I should say, confirming. I have to admit, I peeked a couple weeks ago. I'm an L&D nurse, what do you want? The temptation is too great on a slow night with an US machine readily available. Of course, it took us over half an hour to figure it out. Again, we're L&D nurses not US techs, plus the little bugger would not get in a good position for a while. But, since we're not the experts, I am waiting for an expert's confirmation before releasing the information. Don't ask me about names. If we ever figure it out, that will be withheld until birth day. I figure we need one secret.

Update: Sorry, the US has been rescheduled for next Monday. You'll have to wait a little longer.

The Travster is still playing ball. Well, when it's not raining and flooding the fields. Here he is playing catcher. This particular game went into over time. It was their first win, but after an hour and a half, it's like, please score or strike out already!!! I think we have a week and a half left. Yay!
Last week was the last day of school and Tanner's "graduation". I use quotations because, uh, it's fourth grade, for gosh sake!!! He'll be moving on to the junior high next year. A little scary, for me, anyway. That's him with his teacher.
Here he is getting his "diploma". The white haired dude is the principal. I have really liked him when having to deal with Travis's school issues, especially compared to the last principal they had. He had some sobering news though. Most kids will have 3 graduations, 4th, 8th, and 12th (although high school is the last time 75% of kids will ever graduate, again!). I guess they make such a big deal out of 4th grade, because some won't make it to their 8th grade graduation, let alone 12th. What an uplifting way to start the program. Enjoy this night, you soon to be 5th graders. This may be your last graduation, ever!
I was pretty proud of Tanner for making it through this year. He really struggled with some motivation and daydreaming issues, not wanting to go to school, pay attention, focus on homework.
Yep, the proud Mom I was, until a few days ago when something happened that will forever be known as "the fire incident". Let's just say, it involved 2 soon to be 5th grade boys, a lighter, some brush, and a neighbor's barn. Luckily, there wasn't much damage beyond one side of the barn needing some paint, and the fire chief was willing to chalk it up to boys being boys. Ugh! Parenting is tough.