Monday, September 24, 2007


I know, it's been awhile, and I have no new pics to share. Sorry. My computer was out of service for 2 weeks. (Thanks to Geek Squad for the 3 day estimate!!!) Basically, they backed up my files and reinstalled Windows, to the tune of $300! Ugh!

Anyway...... I'm working past that.

It took four kids, but I finally have a funny poop story. And I'm sure Teagan will someday thank me for not chronicaling this stage of his life in film. So I go to get him up from his nap. I noticed his diaper was slightly amiss. He rolled over and I noticed, hmmm, something was peeking out of the top of his diaper. Uh, Teagan, why is your pee pee sticking out of your diaper? He grabs his butt and says:

You pooped?

Yeah, poop.

Okay, lay down and we'll change your diaper.

No, poop.

Yeah, I know, poop.

Noooo, poop (he says, while pointing outside of the crib)

Huh? (looking around)

Poop! (still pointing)

Ohhhh, poop. (as I spot the poop in question, lying atop the Fisher Price garage)

Apparently, he didn't like the poop in his diaper, or he was bored, or there is some other unexplainable reason why a toddler would throw his poop outside of his crib. Thankfully, he drinks way too much milk and it was nice, solid, little turds. I have managed to avoid poop spread all over beds and walls, although I have heard horror stories from other parents. Speaking of turds, the dumb dog, I mean Buddy, was in the house the other day, and I noticed something lying on the floor. I asked Tatum, "Is that a cat turd?" (Buddy has a littler box fetish which is why she is usually closely monitored while in the house). Tatum giggled, "What's a turd?" Apparently, my children are not very cultured and stick to calling it all poop. (Btw, I didn't have to worry about the cat turd, because the disgusting dog, ate it!) I know, gross, huh? See why you should never let your dog lick you in the face?

Just so you don't think toddlers and turd eating dogs are all I have to contend with, I'm riding along in the van the other day, with a bunch of kids, I mean, my kids. So, Tanner, is listening to ONE OF MY CD's, and as I start singing along, he says "You're ruining it, Mom."

Smart aleck. He makes it a point to mention, frequently, that he is 3 years away from being a teenager. I say, he's already there.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Last of the vacation pics

I think I have finally reached the end of the vacation pics. Or most of them, at least.

These were at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, WY. We picniced there in Hot Springs park, but we skipped the water parks. There are two pools with water slide that use water from the hot springs. I don't know if a warm pool would necessarily feel good on a 90 degree day. Not to mention the smell of sulfur that the springs put off. I can just imagine the smell sticking to you if you swim in it.

There were pretty cool exhibits. They had full scale dinosaur skeletons displayed. This one was a little freaky. I guess they have actually unearthed nests like this.

We stopped at the world famous Yellowstone Drugstore for Milkshakes. If you are ever in Shoshone, WY, this is the only thing there. The milkshakes and malts are $4/each, and they only come in one size, BIG. But they have a gazillion flavors. They are good, but if you're not used to high butterfat, really rich ice cream, you may want to split one with somebody else. The cherry cheesecake flavor was YUM!

Hot tub

The kids thought the hot tub at Dad's house was pretty cool. Me? I wasn't too interested in the mosquitoes buzzing around my head. Surprisingly, another thing they haven't asked for. Yet.
They thought the color changing lights were way cool.

Family pics

More pics from Dad's house. Teagan had no qualms about hanging out with Grandpa. This was actually the first time he's ever seen them in person, as he wasn't born yet the last time we got together. We all went on a vacation to San Antonio in 2004. Tatum was only 18 months then. Since they live so far away, and the cost of airfare is astronomical, we hadn't seen Dianna, Ryan or Lauren since then. Dad came up to Ohio a few months after that trip when my sis, Krista was sick in the hospital. Other than that, our visits are, unfortunately, far between.
The kids with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Ryan. Ryan is going off to college in Elko, NV, and Lauren is heading off to Sheridan, WY for school.
The kids with Ryan, Lauren, and Grandma and Grandpa.
Add Mom and Dad to the mix.

Tramp pics

No, not that kind of tramp. I'm trying to upload the rest of the vacation pics. This is at my Dad's house in Wyoming. Surprisingly, the kids have not requested a trampoline. I'll have to withhold the pics from them.

That's my little brother bouncing with them. Okay, maybe little isn't the right word since he towers over everyone. That's my younger brother, Ryan.