Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This is the back corner of our yard. Or should I say, this was the back corner. And then I painstakingly weeded it, BY HAND! TWICE! So that it eventually looked like this. Of course, this is only a small section of it, but you get the picture. We mulched it and had a nice little garden area. Well, the long awaited rain came, while I was working 4 nights in a row, I might add. The thistles are back!!! With a vengeance! So the bastards were vinegarized this afternoon (is that a word?), because I am determined to keep it organic, despite the callouses and foul odor of hot pickles. And my fingers still smell like pickles, despite washing them AND taking a shower.
I suppose if I were to actually plant something back there, it would take away some of the thistles space. I play around with this fantasy of having a house with some acreage someday. And then I think, who am I kidding? I can't even maintain a 12x8 garden plot! Anyway, the moral of the story is, when you look at your garden and think to yourself, or even out loud, hmmm, I should probably get out there and weed that before it goes to seed...... GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE AND DO IT!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Thomas the Train

My mom took the kids to see Thomas the Train in Connersville, Indiana. Yes, all 4 of them. I think they all had a great time, and behaved at least tolerably because Mom still had all her hair when she brought them back (at 9 pm!!!). Travis is my train fanatic but Mom said Teagan was pretty enthralled with all the train stuff too. After riding the train and playing all day, Mom took them out the Cici's pizza buffet for dinner. Travis's FAVORITE restaurant. Here are a few pics from their trip.

Bobby and I actually had a day to ourselves. We went to Gander Mountain to take back our life jackets (sold the boat!), and got Bobby a new grill for Father's Day. I think ours was about on it's last leg. Only one knob worked, the ignition switch was shot and the side shelves had long disappeared. Then we had a date night! We went to the movies and saw Ocean's Thirteen, just as funny as the other two, and then went out to eat and ate way too many hot wings.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Just so you don't think Buddy is the lone pet in the house... This is Chewie, or Yoda. Who knows? I can't tell unless I look at them straight on. Yoda has a white neck so I think this is him. They are brothers and essentially, look exactly the same.
Tatum and Cotton AKA Bunny
And the Teagmeister! He's all puppy.

More dog pics

Here are some old pics of Teagan and Buddy I found floating around on the computer. I'm glad that she tolerates him, because he adores her. He likes to hand feed her, sit on top of her, and give her kisses. Yuck.

The dork known as Buddy

Monday, June 04, 2007

A boy and his dog


We took the kids camping over Memorial Day weekend to Long's Retreat in southern Ohio. www.longsretreat.com They had a great time swimming, going on the water slide, meeting new friends on the playground, riding the go karts, and going fishing with Daddy. Here are some pics of the fun.