Friday, September 29, 2006

More from the lake

Teagan ignoring me because he's mad.
Teagan throwing a tantrum, or rather plopping down into a tantrum. He just drops his head and pouts silently, all the while peeking at you out of the corner of his eye to be sure you're aware that he's mad at you.
Teagan and Buddy. He likes feeding her dog food and patting her on the head. They get along great, probably because they're both really mellow fellows. Well, Buddy's not really a fellow, but let's not go there. She's the girl dog named Buddy thanks to Travis who refused to name her anything but Buddy.

Tatum riding her bike around the campground at Grand Lake. Her tantrums were something to be rivaled. Thank goodness she has outgrown that. If you're wondering why you don't see pics of Tanner and Travis, it's because those crazy kids actually went swimming! It was 70 degrees, but breezy.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


We took the kids to Grand Lake a couple weeks ago. It was a little chilly but they still had a good time. Teagan loves the boat. He likes to stand at the railing and watch the water. The other kids like it for a little while. Then the boys start in with "when can we go swimming", and Tate usually passes out. Weird.

A boy and his dog

Buddy didn't last long either.

And here's Tate, in her usual position.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Teag's first girlfriend

Teagan has a Dora obsession. Well, so does Tatum. Just ask Aunt Krista about our trip to Babies R Us. Tatum oohed and aahed over every Dora item. I believe her word of the day was AWESOME!
So anyway, Tatum has this Dora doll that talks and sings. "I'm tired, Say good night, say good night, and sweet dreams." And in Spanish, of course. Whenever he sees the thing, he has to pick it up and tote it around. It has led to a few squabbles. Perhaps, I should get him his own.

Good morning sunshine!

After a long twelve hour shift, this is the little face I come home to. Smiling and happy to see me. Waiting with hugs and snuggles. Makes it all worth it. Of course, I should have gotten a pic of the crabby sister snoring in the bed next to him. :op

And I do my little turn on the catwalk......

Tatum, my little model. For those who know her well, she is such a poser. These are just proof of that.