Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A whole lot of birthdays

I managed to lose half a pound last week, even with my donut rebellion.
And then I gained it back this week. Was it the Easter candy and dessert or just PMS week?
Hard to say.

Anyway, I was going to post pictures of how I got smart for birthdays and realized when I uploaded my camera, that I hadn't posted pics of any of the boys birthdays.
Tanner turned 15 on February 16.
Cupcakes are semi smart because they are automatic portion control.
And I did eat only one.

Travis turned 12 on Februrary 26.

A very colorful wacky looking store bought cake is also semi smart because it doesn't necessarily look good enough to eat. At least not several pieces.
(And it's not because it was the least girly cake to be found at the local grocery at 7:30 in the morning on the day of my boys birthday because I sort of kind of forgot)

I think I actually only ate a bite or two of this one. 

Teagan turned 7 on March 29.
And the smartest thing of all?
Taking the kids to the bakery so they can pick out their own cupcakes = no cake in the house!

You'll notice that only one kid actually picked a cupcake while two went for brownies, and the two oldest split that huge Devil Dog.
Even smarter? Eating them in the car on our way to Coco Key water park.

And these were all of the 3 pictures I got before my camera battery died.