Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall fun

Last week we headed over to Windmill Farm Market.
You can probably tell that Tanner was super excited.

This little chick's big sis was turning 2.

It was a little chilly but the kids didn't seem to care.

Only a couple snotty noses

And one spill when Teagan took a tumble off the top of the train.
The top? Yeah, don't ask.

This is the new "cheese". It involves some serious squinting.

There was one who didn't want to participate in the memory documentation.

But there are always a few who want to ham it up.

My ragamuffin bunch
One with no jacket, one with holey pants and a too small jacket, one with a too big really old jacket because he couldn't find his own, and one in fuzzy winter boots cuz who knows where her gym shoes are.

Plum tuckered out

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy birthday Little Bro!

Happy Birthday Travis!
Hope you have a great one!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween camping

Last weekend we took the kids camping for one of the campgrounds Halloween weekends. It was the perfect weekend with 80 degree days and sunny skies.
Some of the sites got really into decorating. Tess thought this one was pretty cool. 
They loooved Trick or Treating. Tess had the basic idea although she skipped half the sites. 

I'll give you one guess who picked out Tanner's costume. 

Tess trying on Trav's costume. 
Believe it or not, sometimes they are nice to each other. 

Once we got home and started unpacking, the little kids took advantage of the warm weather and preoccupied parents to play in the hose and uh, cooler? 
Fully clothed. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where to start

So, the last week of September, I took a road trip with my sis and visited this little slice of heaven,
Where we stayed here
And had this view.
We took in a little swimming
(that's the only picture of Krista at the beach, by the way)
Stuck our toes in the water
our asses in the sand
Had not a worry in the world 
And plenty of cold drinks in our hands.  
After a lovely week in New Smyrna Beach, we were sad to bid Florida farewell.
Unfortunately, we didn't make it too far up the road. My van decided Florida was just way too far from home and there was no way it would make it back. So my darling husband called up Grandma to watch the kiddos and drove over 10 hours to come pick us up. Of course, if I hadn't opted to drive my almost 10 yr old, 165,000+ miles little old van to Florida, it wouldn't have broken down. Uh hum.

Anyway, since we were stuck in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we dropped in for a visit.
This city is home to this lovely lady.  

And this gorgeous park.
Any guesses?  

How 'bout now? 

Isn't this sign a hoot? 

After our visit to the park, we checked out City Market and ogled huge vats of candy. 
I swear I gained another 5 pounds just looking. 
The lighting's not so great, but aren't these totally cool caramel apples?
After stuffing ourselves full of Vinnie Van Go Go's pizza and some Leopold's ice cream, we attempted to walk it off in Colonial park cemetery, which is just a sad place really. So many of the graves have been damaged and are unmarked. The brick wall holds up hundreds of headstones. 

Mrs Eliza wife of George, 23 yrs old
and infant babe

This grave was one of the saddest.
In memory of Elizabeth J Bryan's infant children,
Mary 3 mos, Henry 1 day, Joseph 1 mo, Samuel 5 mos, and Charles 8 mos.
I cannot imagine losing 5 babies in such a short time.
It makes you think, do we have any right to complain? At least our kids are healthy.

A few parting shots of beautiful Savannah.

Oh Savannah, how I heart thee.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

After effects

Of spending the night with a friend.
This is how Travis spent the entire next day.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Just a few more


Playing with crickets

Eww, get it off!