Monday, December 29, 2008

The week in review

What with a birthday, Christmas, ballet, and work, I've fallen a bit behind. So to catch you up on life in these parts.
Tatum turned six last Sunday. Aunt Krista and I took her to see the Nutcracker ballet. It was her second visit. I think it was a little more exciting this time since she has her own ballet experience now. I had to rush off to work when I got home so I couldn't make a point to have her fully clothed when she blew out her candles. Yes, those are tights she is wearing. Daddy made the cake while we were gone and did capture the photos so I guess I won't complain too much about her half dressed state.

Tess is 4.5 months old. And still mesmerized by the camera.

Tatum had another observation day at ballet. She is the third from the teacher.
She is the one who is actually plieing here.
And again, third from the teacher.

She got a gift from her teacher for her birthday.

I was actually off for Christmas Eve so that was the night of the annual penguin pj pic. Aunt Krista started the tradition for Christmas 4 years ago. Eventually, it's going to get difficult to find penuguin jammies for a teen boy.

After watching Polar Express with their aunt and checking out the Santa radar online, the kiddos were off to bed. Looks like the big guy finished off most of the cookies they left.
And left a pile of gifts for the smiling children on Christmas morning.

After breaking in the new toys, it was off to Aunt Krista's house for more presents.
Tess was content to watch, after her turn, of course. I was holding her and the camera at the time though so no pics of her. Take my word for it, she hasn't mastered the art of ripping paper.
The gifts were opened in birth order, so Braeden went next.
Teagan got a little help from Daddy.

Then it was Tate's turn. She is fascinated by this reading system and can play with it for hours. Thank goodness for headphones.

Travis did notice that he only got one gift from Aunt Krista. But hello, it has 552 pieces!

Tanner has entered the GI Joe phase of boyhood.
Kristy is a big Buckeyes fan and scored a new sweatshirt and a purse.
Big Travis was happy with his monetary gift.
A gift card for Bobby. He's been wanting some new pots and pans. Yeah, I'll let you guess who does the cooking at our house.
Krista got an Ipod car adapter, and I got a new flash drive. No pictures though, cuz I was holding the camera, remember?
Mom got a couple butterfly suncatchers from the kids, some pics of the grandkids and some cool reusable, eco friendly bags.
And then it was time to play.

Kristy got a special gift this year. But you'll have to check out her blog or Krista's for some bettter pics of the big rock she got. Congrats Kristy and Travis.