Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day at the Beach

On Memorial Day, we went up to Grand Lake - St Mary's for swimming and a picnic lunch. While the temp was supposed to be 82, it's never that by the lake. The wind keeps it a little chilly. The boys sand castle

Tanner was fascinated with the mud on the bottom of the lake and insisted on covering himself in it, as "The Mud Monster".
The boys had fun in the water, although they did get a bit chilly by the time we were ready to leave.

Teagan spent most of his time on the beach. I think the water was a bit too cold for him.
Oh, can someone please tell me where I lost my ankles? I'm pretty sure I had some a few months ago. Ewww, gross.

Sleepy time

Apparently, all we do in this house is nap.

Even the cats.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

27 weeks

My last CNM appt was on Thursday. I got to drink the yummy glucose beverage and then wait, while the completely inefficient lab got around to drawing my blood. I thought I would die from heartburn first. Luckily, I passed because there's no way I would do that again. My appt went well. Amazingly, only gained 2.2 pounds, despite eating like a cow, er, I mean, a pregnant woman. I think that's a total of 14 pounds, so far. The baby's heartbeat sounded great. We've got another US scheduled in a couple weeks, for no other reason than the chance to get a pic of the little bean with the 3d US. I figure, I saved my insurance enough money last time by delivering in my tub, they can handle the extra expense of a second US.

The question is, to peek or not to peek?

Monday, May 05, 2008

And so it begins

Baseball season that is. Tonight was Trav's season opener. It was amazingly more interesting than T-Ball. Although, apparently coach pitch ball has this weird in field time out rule. Like, if you catch the ball or throw the ball infield, you can call time out and the players have to stop running the bases. The other team had perfected this before the game ever started. Since most of our practices were rained out, our team was kind of like, huh? The good thing about it was, they actually completed the plays. Even if they over threw to first base, they tried to make the play. The other team called time as soon as they got the ball, which isn't really preparing you for regular baseball, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera out in the first inning, which is when Trav actually made a few catches and some good throws. He was playing outfield, I guess right center. There were actually 5 outfielders so it was a little confusing for me. He was basically behind the short stop so got a few line drives his way.
One thing we do need to work on is his swing. He tends to let go of the bat with one hand, which is what alot of the boys did. Despite this being coach pitch ball, the coach isn't that great of a pitcher and struck out alot of his own players. I'm sure Trav will improve alot before the end of the season. He LOVES baseball, so he actually wants to hit the ball and make the catches.

Next game, Friday evening.

Blogging versus phone calls

My sister has suggested that I should deliver "big" news via phone versus on the blog. Kind of like she does when she calls to tell me she's traveling out of state. Oh, no, wait, I generally find out she is returning from out of state, after I read her blog.

Anyway, it made me stand back and think, about how disconnected we all are. I never really enjoyed talking on the phone. When they invented email, I thought WOW! I never have to talk on the phone again. And then, when I discovered blogging, I found out, I don't even need to send out individual emails. If you want to know about the interesting things going on in my life, and some not so interesting, like the indigestion I am battling right now despite the fact that I swore I would never eat granola again because it always does this to me.... you could just check in on the blog and I could avoid all human contact. I am a loner like that.

Alright, if you call me on the phone, I will talk to you. I just won't like it. Oh, and I did tell her I was pregnant before I blogged it. In person no less.

Oh, as for baseball, there's a game tonight. I know, short notice. There are also games Friday evening and Saturday morning and 2-3 times/week there after. The ballet recital is June 14 at 7 pm. Call me. Or maybe I'll just email you.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Out of my hands

Literally...... I have been wavering on applying to midwifery school. It was always my dream before, but as the babies came, the dream got pushed back. I started looking into it again at the beginning of this year, after working with a doctor who was extremely high intervention and not open to suggestion from nurses. I felt like I had reached my limit as a labor nurse. I just couldn't do it anymore and deal with that kind of patriarchy towards my patients. I was really excited to find not only a program with a bridge option that would allow me to skip my BSN, but also a distance learning option. Hooray! I wouldn't need to relocate or drive over an hour away to attend classes. I would not have to spend 18 months to 2 years completing my bachelor's degree, only to then apply for a master's program.

And then there's the kids. Expecting another, helping with homework, baseball season, behavior issues related to our work schedules...... I was starting to believe that it wouldn't be fair for me to go back to school and try to be a Mom at the same time. After several long discussions, Bobby and I agreed that one of us needed to be here for the kids, to help them with their school work, to head off behavior problems, to run them to baseball games and ballet rehearsals. I felt like that person needed to be me, and it was that or school, not both. Like I needed to focus on my mothering and not me.

In the end, we decided that Bobby would stay home with the kids while I work and attempt school. I like my job, I have more job security, and a little more flexible schedule than he did. Not to mention that I make more money and I carry the insurance. He quit work about a week ago. And good thing. Not only were we spending an abhorrent amount of money on gas (500 miles/week roundtrip for him), and childcare, his employer decided that in order to save money, they would cut off the phone feature on their data entry gadgets that they entered their deliveries in. Unfortunately, Bobby was still having to call to get directions for most of his deliveries, and, after looking at his phone bill, he apparently is akin to a teenager when it comes to spending time on the phone. Our cell phone bill went from $65 to over $300!!! He doubled his minutes after they shut off their phone feature. So, while the company saved oodles, uh, we did not.

Anyway, the application is in the mail. The transcript has been requested. All that is left is to send another reference, and a phone interview, ugh. Then it truly will be out of my hands. They'll have to decide if I am an eligible candidate. Fingers crossed.