Thursday, September 07, 2006

Teag's first girlfriend

Teagan has a Dora obsession. Well, so does Tatum. Just ask Aunt Krista about our trip to Babies R Us. Tatum oohed and aahed over every Dora item. I believe her word of the day was AWESOME!
So anyway, Tatum has this Dora doll that talks and sings. "I'm tired, Say good night, say good night, and sweet dreams." And in Spanish, of course. Whenever he sees the thing, he has to pick it up and tote it around. It has led to a few squabbles. Perhaps, I should get him his own.


Krista said...

No actually it's pronounced "Aweshum".

Teagan will be mad about these pics of him toting around a baby doll when he turns 12 or so....

Debbie said...

Cute pics!!