Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Trav!

It's my little bro's birthday today. He is the big 3-0. And yes, if you frequent Krista's blog, this is the same pic. Perhaps Travis should get in the pic a little more often. Hard to believe he's 30. Don't know why, he's always been two years younger than me. :op Just seems like he's not old enough to have hit 30 already. Maybe it's the video games. (Just kidding, Trav. Well, no, not really) He's really turned out to be a great guy. He's an honest, sensitive nice guy. Oh darn, I let the secret out. So much for the macho image he may be trying to project. This is a pic of him and my youngest Teagan. My 6 year old is named after Uncle Travis. He really is a great uncle. The kids adore him.

Happy birthday little brother!

(And no, I didn't forget you Mom. Happy belated birthday! We'll see you tonight!)

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Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Travis from your favorite cousin! Carla is right, you are an honest, sincere, nice guy...and sweet, dependable, loyal, understanding, not to mention good looking. Shall I continue or will it make you blush too much? I know you are! Love ya and hope you had a great day, you deserve the best!!