Thursday, March 22, 2007

Comic Relief (the childhood version)

Conversations from today:
Tatum was coloring in one of her coloring books. She asked me which animal she should color pink and purple. I said, color the octopus pink and the dog purple. This went back and forth for several minutes until she made it a little easier for me to understand.
"Which people do you want me to color pink and purple with no spots, with a tail, with long ears?"
"Uh, the dog?"
"Yep, you're right."

I was feeling adventurous and took the kids (yes, all 4) to Cici's Pizza buffet. Of course, they had to coerce me out of quarters for the goofy little toys out of the machines. Tanner got some "bling", as he calls it, AKA dog tags. So, he's reading the tags, and asking what's this mean, what's that mean?
Tanner: What does blood type mean?
Me: It's the type of blood you have.
Tanner: What type do I have?
Travis: "Red."


Krista said...

That's funny stuff.

Travis knew what he was talking about.

Alison said...

The blood comment is exactly the same thing my dad replies when I ask him his bloodtype... yeah, real helpful... LOL I'm assuming he just doesn't know it and had no reason to know it since he's a J.W. and they don't do any type of transfusions. I think he must be 0- since my mom is A+... me and my sisters have to have the negative from somewhere... LOL

C.J. said...

Well...he is right :0)