Thursday, April 12, 2007

Car conversations

Tanner: You know, on the Flinstones, how did they get the animals to do what they wanted? Like the elephant was the shower, and a bird played records..... and why was a longneck the dog? How did they get them to do that?

Uh, because it's a cartoon?

Travis: MOM! Did you see that hole in the fence? (Driving on the highway) Someone ran into the fence and drove off the road. (It was probably from the construction they are doing, it was not an actual accident, just the imagination of a 7 yr old)

Me: (We were several feet above the streets below) Did they land in a tree?
Travis:No, they hit the tree, then landed on the street.
Tatum: Then they died.
Travis: No, they didn't die, they just wrecked.
Tanner: How do you know, Travis? You're not a story teller.
Travis: Shut up, Tanner. I saw the hole in the fence.

And from a few days ago, Tatum read a book to Teagan. It went a little something like this....
I am pretty, and I am pretty. And I don't care because I am pretty, and I like boys and girls. And I found a dinosaur and a rock. He found golden rocks and he likes it because it's pretty. So he never leaves the rocks. He likes this color.

(It was about a dinosaur and a rock, but the rest of it, who knows?)

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Krista said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. That's funny stuff!