Monday, May 21, 2007

Graduation/Mother's Day

Travis opening one of his cards. He got a kick out of that one. If you can see the front, it is a bunch a ducks. The inside said "Thought you'd like a card with a lot of big bills". Hehehe, from me, of course. Me and my sis
Krista with her first Mother's Day presents. Matching ladybug tees for her and Mia.
Mom with the Grandma card. Artwork by Tatum.
And the cake!

We had a cookout for Mother's Day, with a surprise graduation party thrown in for my little brother. Of course, he's 30 and taller than me, so not really little. He graduated from Barber college and just passed his licensing exam. We all had a good time, and ate way too much, as usual.

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Lisa B. said...

Travis' cake is really neat. I like the barber pole and things on it. How fitting.