Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Girls Night Out

I am lucky to work with a great bunch of women, who not only get along great and work well together, but also love to hang out and have fun. We are a blend of married Moms, newlyweds planning their families, and single girls still living it up. Monday night, we all went out to dinner at El Toro. Yummy Mexican food combined with cheap margaritas! Can't go wrong there. Then we headed out to the local bar which has apparently, become one of our haunts. I think we're becoming Monday night regulars. :op This was before we closed the bar down and headed off to Missy's house for a game of pool, beer and Margherita pizza. Yeah, there's a theme here. Tracee joined us a little late in the game. She just missed our warming up stage. We were all feeling pretty good by the time she got there. (We're so glad you came to join us Tracee!)
Not quite relaxed enough:Carla, Taira, Missy, Jackie, Sarah and Kim
Jackie's getting there.
There was a little violence when Kim and Taira tried to wrestle Kim's husband through a game of darts. Um, would that be full contact darts or cheating? Do they look devious?
Missy, as cute as ever.
Uh, Sarah is way into her card games.
Even Ashlynn is a party girl!
Okay, before anyone calls CSB, Daddy had to pick her up from Grandma's and then came back to get Mommy. She didn't hang out with us at the bar. :op

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Krista said...

Closed the bar down? And then continued the party at someone's house? And you thought I was bad...