Friday, November 09, 2007's what's for dinner

Normally, I'm not really big on cooking. I just don't like it. I don't mind cleaning up, I'm just not one of those weird freaks of nature who like to cook. And working full time in a largely female occupation, I have learned, I am not the only one. That said, I do occasionally like to try new things. Occasionally, as in once or twice a year. Because the usual response I get is "It's alright, but you don't have to make it again." Hmm, compliment or no? He says this now because back in the early days, when I actually used to cook for him, my husband would say "this is good" and I would interpret that as, I love it, I could eat it all the time. And then I would proceed to make it once or twice a week. I was mistaken, and years later, he eventually pointed that out to me. What he really meant was, I can tolerate this, but just stick with the steak and potato genre next time.

So I found this great new recipe. I have been following this amusing blog The Pioneer Woman. Her name is Ree, and she is a Mom to four and a rancher's wife. While she does live out in the country, she is not an actual pioneer, so don't get the idea that I'm going to mention cooking on a woodstove or anything. Her blog about ranch life is laugh out loud funny, so you should really check it out. But, what I really want to point out to you, is her cooking site, aptly named The Pioneer Woman Cooks. She has some really yummy looking recipes, but if you try nothing else, you must try Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich. Okay, so it's a steak and onion sandwich, but it's her recipe so she got to name it. Marlboro Man is the nickname she has for her husband, or maybe it's his real name, I don't know. (if you want to check out some great cowboy pics, follow the blog link). Anyway, this sandwich is absolutely yummy!!! And is now my personal fav. Bobby even liked it so much, he didn't mention not cooking it again.

If you have a chance to check out any of her other recipes, I have also made Marlboro Man's second favorite sandwich, AKA a chicken bacon cheese delicacy. Yum, yum, yummy!!!

Oh, I should probably mention, she is a big fan of butter. So you dieters out there, don't click the links. You might drool on your keyboard.

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