Thursday, July 09, 2009

First Half update

Moving into the second half of the year, I thought I would revisit my goals for the year.

I will lose 10 pounds. CHECK

I have actually lost 20 pounds. So double check. :o) I have started counting pounts again this week, because apparently, I have to. I have climbed out of the rut I was in through June and have made it into the 160's. Just barely at 169, but it's a start. Yay!!!

We will work harder at paying down our debt by paying off at least 2 credit cards. CHECK

Just paid off the second one and am working on the third. Of course,we acquired some new debt in the form of orthodontics. But, you got to get rid of the old to make room for the new, right?

Stay in school.

That's the easy one. I just started my 4th quarter on Monday. That's right, my 4th! Which means I'm pretty close to completing my first year. A three year program sounded really long last Fall. Now? Not so much. And thankfully, this quarter is a pretty light one. Good thing too, since I think Fall quarter is going to be a killer.

Other goings on around here, someone has been moved to a high chair with a harness.
Wonder why?
The garden is really coming up. Those are sunflowers along the back with broccoli, lettuce, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, onions, green beans and potatoes from left to right. The huge thing in the foreground is a vicious zuchinni plant that wants to take over the whole garden, me thinks. We've already munched on some fried green tomatoes and broccoli and lettuce.

We have a new addition. Travis AKA Dr Doolittle brought home another foundling. At least this time it wasn't another baby duck. This is Vader. He joins Chewie. Get it? Chewie and (Darth) Vader? Hahaha
The boys came up with that one. He's a cute, playful little kitty who doesn't seem to mind being carried around constantly or being tugged on by a toddler.

I may not be posting too much for awhile. With school starting for me, Bobby's classes, work, and the busyness of taking care of a house and 5 little chicks, I'll be a bit preoccupied. We also have some issues right now due to a Houdini of a 4 yr old who has escaped our yard only to be found by the police. I don't think I want to share too much until I know that it's resolved. Let's just say, it's an unwelcome stress we're having to deal with.


Ang said...

Wow..busy first half! Hhere is hoping the second half goes along well. Um..sorry to hear about the 4-year-old Houdini...guess there is always one who keeps you busy..LOL

Wendy said...

great job on your goals! you really have done alot this year. you should be really really really proud of yourself!!!! i am still struggling with counting my points and losing weight. i dont know what my problem is self sabotage! i know! that is awesome that you have lost 20 pounds. i am so happy for you! the cat is cute! and your garden looks great!