Tuesday, May 10, 2011


No, not finally a blog post, although I guess there is that.
After the massive amounts of rain threatened to end it before it even started, baseball season is finally here.

Tatum is playing coach pitch softball.
Teagan is playing tee ball.
Travis is playing baseball.
Welcome to one chaotic season.


Sarah in MT said...

You've been missed! That was sure one long week you were out of touch! So now you've got ball games, clinicals, trip to China - who's going to plant your garden this year? Don't know how you do it all!

Poems Library said...

good boy

Camille said...

You have introduced me to a cool song...I really love that song "If I Die Young"...don't worry, I won't steal it. Instead, I'll just keep coming to your blog to hear it. When you take it down, then I guess I'll have to track it down elsewhere, but until then...by the way, come check out my blog (http://camillesavoncafe.blogspot.com). I've got a pretty funny post from earlier today. Let me know, whether or not you agree.