Friday, September 07, 2012

An Underground Sea?

The Lost Sea? Big ol' underground lake?
Tomayto..... Tomahto.....
We took a trip to visit the Lost Sea the weekend the kids came down to Tennessee with their Grandma. Took a trip as in, it's on my way to work. :op 
They might have had a little more fun in the gift shop than down in the actual caves,
but who doesn't love magnetic rocks? 

I'm not sharing many pics down in the caves because we were way too excited to take pics.
Or, it was way dark down there and I left Travis in charge of the camera. 

Notice the lack of a teen. He's way too cool for caves, man.
Due to blogger acting like a butt, combined with the slow as molasses speed of satelite internet
(yay, we have internet), these will be the only pics you see today
because my annoyance meter is near the stroke out level.

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