Friday, December 01, 2006

A Day in the life..... take two.

8:35 Diaper changing time.
8:40Time to start the laundry
8:50Breakfast time for Teagan. Stop taking my picture, Mom!
10 am Mom's cleaning
Tate: Hey Teagie, while Mommy's cleaning up, should we go behind her and make messes?
Teag: Yeah, sounds like fun!
12:30 After lunch, it's time for a nap. Did you say nap? I don't want no stinking nap.

2pm Tired of playing. Teagan is still in bed, and the boys aren't home from school yet. Man, I'm bored.

3:30 I'm up again! It's time to play!

5:30 Waiting for Daddy to get home. The boys got home about 3:45 but they disappeared to a friends house.

You'll have to imagine the rest. My camera only holds 20 pics.


Krista said...

WoW! I've never seen your bathroom that clean before.

Debbie said...

What a cute idea! Loved reading about your day! Your tree is beautiful too, even if it is freaking you out. After all, that's their job, to keep you on your toes and from getting bored!! lol