Monday, January 29, 2007

I know, I know

My Mom told me yesterday that I am a poor Blogger. Well, I knew that would happen. I have always been poor at keeping up with anything. Anyway, I got a brand new camera for my birthday (Thanks, Mom!), but I haven't started using it yet, so I thought I would pull out some old pics. These are actually pics of Spring Break 2006. We stayed in New Hampshire, (which apparently doesn't have Spring), and took day trips to Boston and Maine. We shopped at the outlet malls in Kittery, then drove up to the coast. We had just bought a new dvd recorder that also took still shots. Well, it took us nearly a year to get around to uploading them. :oP

Here is a pic of Tanner and Travis in front of a lighthouse at the coast. And don't ask me where, because I don't remember. That lighthouse is actually on a little island that we never did figure out how they got over to.

This is a pic of me and the kids on the coast of Maine. Does it look like Spring break with us in our heavy coats? We had to hurry up and click the pic because even with those coats, we were freezing our buns off.


Krista said...

Cute. I've never seen any of these vacation pics.

Be said...

Hey Carla,

As a New Englander I can tell you that that is Nubble Light in York, ME on Cape Neddick. The only way to get to it is by boat and only when the tide is right.