Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Tragedy of an Older Sister

Just so you don't think we don't do "boy" stuff..... We did build some tracks yesterday and played with trains.

But, you can see what happens when your next oldest sibling is a girl. Teagan loves these purple, sparkly heels. They click and clack on the wood floors. Hopefully, you can't tell in the picture, that he has pink nailpolish on one finger because he insisted. And in case there are any questions, HIS DAD DID IT! Teagan has a serious shoe fetish, and he's really into carrying the baby dolls around, giving them hugs and kisses, and putting them to bed in the doll cradle.

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Krista said...

Love the jammies!

Teagan should go play with Weston. He's on Tracy's "Our Unforgotten Daughter" blog. He's the youngest of 3 boys and also has a high heel fetish. She posts pics occasionally. Scroll through and check them out.