Monday, June 18, 2007

Thomas the Train

My mom took the kids to see Thomas the Train in Connersville, Indiana. Yes, all 4 of them. I think they all had a great time, and behaved at least tolerably because Mom still had all her hair when she brought them back (at 9 pm!!!). Travis is my train fanatic but Mom said Teagan was pretty enthralled with all the train stuff too. After riding the train and playing all day, Mom took them out the Cici's pizza buffet for dinner. Travis's FAVORITE restaurant. Here are a few pics from their trip.

Bobby and I actually had a day to ourselves. We went to Gander Mountain to take back our life jackets (sold the boat!), and got Bobby a new grill for Father's Day. I think ours was about on it's last leg. Only one knob worked, the ignition switch was shot and the side shelves had long disappeared. Then we had a date night! We went to the movies and saw Ocean's Thirteen, just as funny as the other two, and then went out to eat and ate way too many hot wings.


Krista said...

Is that what they're calling "it" these days? "Eating too many hot wings".... uh huh.

Mom aka Grandma said...

I actually had a really great day...and only had to smack Tatum once!!!