Monday, September 03, 2007

Family pics

More pics from Dad's house. Teagan had no qualms about hanging out with Grandpa. This was actually the first time he's ever seen them in person, as he wasn't born yet the last time we got together. We all went on a vacation to San Antonio in 2004. Tatum was only 18 months then. Since they live so far away, and the cost of airfare is astronomical, we hadn't seen Dianna, Ryan or Lauren since then. Dad came up to Ohio a few months after that trip when my sis, Krista was sick in the hospital. Other than that, our visits are, unfortunately, far between.
The kids with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Ryan. Ryan is going off to college in Elko, NV, and Lauren is heading off to Sheridan, WY for school.
The kids with Ryan, Lauren, and Grandma and Grandpa.
Add Mom and Dad to the mix.

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