Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome 2008

The holidays were a busy time at our house, with cookie baking, decorating, wrapping gifts, Christmas dinner, destroying wrapping paper, Christmas brunch, and testing out all the new toys.

Our attempts at getting decent Christmas pics with 4 kids were futile. These are the best of the best, which means, you don't want to see the worst. Notice the matching jammies, care of Aunt Krista . If you want to see the adventure of cookie baking, you'll have to check out her blog. My computer caught a virus and ate all the pics I had uploaded. Aunt Krista and Griffey spent the night on Christmas Eve. She enjoyed Polar Express with the kids while I got to finish, er, start the wrapping of the gifts. I mean, the ones Santa didn't send, of course.
See the love?
Christmas morning was full of chaos and excitement. Everyone got a little something they wanted. This year, I would say the dollhouse, Tonka trucks, Legos, and Guitar Hero were the faves.

And on to the new year......

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