Monday, January 28, 2008

A quick note

And no pics to share. Teagan got his stitches out Sunday afternoon. Bobby took him, since I had to run to the grocery. He said they wrapped him up on the papoose board just like last time, and he was just as quiet. He did flinch a couple times, as it had scabbed over and they pulled it off with the stitches. But Bobby said he didn't cry and as soon as he was up off the papoose board, he was smiling. I'll have to add some pics. It still looked pretty fresh when they came home, since the scab was off, but it's not nearly the gash that it was.

And on a pregnancy note, ever had those weird pregnancy dreams? Well, I mean, if you've ever been pregnant. I've been having some weird ones, almost always nightmares. But last night, I had a dream we are having a baby girl. Well, actually, we didn't know what we're having, but we were painting the nursery pink and green anyway. Which is funny, because we don't really have a nursery, and Tatum's room is already pink and green. So maybe I was just dreaming about Tatum's room. :op

I'm almost 11 weeks and really ready for this morning sickness to be gone. I thought it was almost over but today was a doozy. I hadn't eaten in several hours, so I got really nauseated and took off running for the toilet. As I was heaving my guts up, or rather, the air that was filling my stomach, Teagan sat on the floor next to me. He asked, "Whatcha doin?" Between retches, I said, "My belly doesn't feel good". When I thought I was finally done with the dry heaves, Teagan looks at me and says "Do again, Mommy". Uh, no thanks, hun.

And then, of course, I ate something, and was ............. nauseated. Ugh!

*Update: Just for Lisa, it's basically all day sickness. I never know when it will be bad. Sometimes, it is first thing in the morning, after I get off work, but not necessarily first thing in the morning if I've slept all night. If I take a nap in the afternoon, it will be evening sickness. If I wait too long between meals, it's there. If I smell something horrid, it's there. Sometimes, if I just say the word nausea, I gag. Weird, I know.


Lisa B. said...

Was just wondering....since you work nights do you REALLY have morning sickness or does yours occur in the afternoon/evening when you are truly getting up and that is your morning? Or is morning sickness just a term and the nausea can happen any time of the day? I was lucky enough to NEVER have it so I can't relate...thank goodness...I HATE to throw up!!! Loved the comment..."Mommy, do it again!!" Out of the mouths of babes!

Special K said...

Teagan's funny. Glad you could entertain him.