Sunday, June 15, 2008

30 wk appt

Forgot to mention, I had an appt with my midwife on Friday, at 30 wks and 3 days. All is well. My feet are fat, my butt is fat, my stomach is fat...... maybe well is the wrong word. :op Actually, she said my stomach is very toned. Hmm, I think she was just being nice after checking out my hugely fat ankles. I gained 7 pounds!!!! Eeek. Of course, I think 2 of those pounds were in my insanely large ankles.

Did I mention that my ankles are swollen? And my feet? And if I stand up long enough, my calves? Ugh! There are no pictures. It's too scary. But take my word for it, if you work 12 hours, then stay up for a parade, a festival and an extremely long ballet recital, you will not recognize your lower extremities. Your ankles and calves will burn because the skin is so tight, and your sandals will leave lovely indentations on the fat pads formerly known as feet. They did look a little better this morning after having them propped on pillows for almost 12 hours!!! However, sitting here at the computer, trying to catch up on mail and blogs, I look down and see the fat pads returning. Ugh! I need wireless.

The little pink one sounds great. Her little ticker was ticking right along. My belly is measuring right about 30-31 weeks. And, my midwife scheduled another US on July 3. Just for kicks. So, maybe, we'll get to peek at her little face. I'll be 33 weeks then and have heard that sometimes the little critters aren't too cooperative for a 3d US at that point though.

Signing off for now, to elevate my lower half. My toes are starting to sting. Pictures of my little ballerina to follow, when I can sit here a little longer.


Special K said...

Can you do the video of ballet? You have to share that. It's too adorable.

Laura McIntyre said...

Just think its really not that long
till baby will be here and you get
a whole load of other aches and pains
to deal with.